When can exercise be resumed after breast implant surgery?

When can exercise be resumed after breast implant surgery?

25th Jun 2019

When can exercise be resumed after breast implant surgery?


Just like any other plastic surgery, breast implant surgery entails a recovery period. During this time, the patient is advised to gradually resume daily activities and also work after a break of at least ten days. However, it is important to understand that while most side effects such as discomfort and pain disappear after the first weeks post-op, the patient can’t resume all activities at once when the recovery period is over. 

The plastic surgeon will give the patient a list of post-operative instructions. Some of them are related to the first few days and weeks and aim to help the patient avoid complications such as excessive bleeding, wound opening, and infections. Other instructions are for the long-term healing process that can take months to be completed.

When it comes to physical exercises or activities after breast implant surgery, patients should know that during the first days and weeks, even things such as lifting the arms above the shoulders can trigger discomfort and pain. Patients are also advised not to lift heavy objects from the floor (not even the kids!) as the incisions can rupture due to the pressure or the implants might shift in their pockets.

The recommendation to avoid intense physical exercise for at least two months after the procedure will be given by the plastic surgeon even from the pre-operative consultation, so the patient will know what to expect. Just like other activities, sports and intense physical exercises, especially the ones involving the upper part of the body, should be resumed gradually and only after getting the plastic surgeon’s consent. Keep in mind that achieving the best results possible and also avoiding severe complications can depend on your ability to follow the instructions of the plastic surgeon to the letter. 

The placement of the implants is also important in terms of when exercise can be resumed after surgery. Generally speaking, implants that are positioned in pockets behind the pectoral muscle require a longer recovery period and a more complex level of care compared to implants inserted behind the mammary gland. 

Make sure to schedule and participate in the follow-up consultations. These meetings will allow the plastic surgeon to assess your condition and he will let you know when more intense physical exercises or sports can be performed. If you have performed an intense activity and are confronted with a considerable level of pain afterwards or experiencing other symptoms that were not discussed with the plastic surgeon, make sure to contact your plastic surgeon for a consultation as a complication might have been triggered and additional treatment might be necessary.

Most patients can successfully resume physical exercise two to three months after breast implant surgery if no complications occur. 


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