When can i drive after butt implants surgery

When can i drive after butt implants surgery

01st Apr 2017

Driving after buttock augmentation surgery is one common concern for women. Most patients are simply desperate to drive after the surgery. To understand when you can start to drive after the operation, you should know what the procedure entails and what you should expect during the recovery period.

There are quite a lot of risks and complications related to butt implant surgery. The recovery period after the surgery is pretty longer than what most patients expect. Moreover, the patient also needs intensive care during the healing process. A full recovery will take about 5-6 weeks. One of the risky activities after the procedure is driving. Try to avoid driving for the first four weeks after the surgery.

You will be instructed not to sit for 2-3 weeks after the surgery. Moreover, you will be advised not to sleep or rest on your back in the initial weeks following the operation. Any type of load transferring to your buttocks in the first two weeks can result in aesthetic and health complications. Avoid such activities that can be dangerous for your surgery.

Driving is a leading problem for many people after buttock augmentation. It is very necessary to stay away from driving for at least five weeks after the surgery. Any kind of pressure on the butt needs to be avoided because a little pressure can cause the incision to open up, resulting in excessive bleeding, infections, and implant displacement.

As driving includes sitting and using leg motions, these activities during the first few weeks will damage the buttocks severely. Another risk is that you may bump your car, which can further affect your buttocks. In addition, your doctor may give you some medication for a certain time period. These medicines have some side effects that may interrupt your ability to drive properly and may even lead to an accident. Hence, you must avoid driving for as long as you are on medications.

After the first two weeks of your recovery, you may be able to resume some of your activities, but you must still avoid driving. After 3 weeks when you restart driving, you need to be careful with your butt. You must put a soft pillow or cushion in the driving seat and place a rolled towel under your legs. This will help decrease the pressure on your buttocks.

After resuming driving and other activities, you may initially feel some numbness or other sensations in your buttocks. This is absolutely normal and will disappear within a few days or weeks. Your butt implants need to settle before letting you feel normal again.

You should understand, however, that even a little carelessness can result in a serious trouble. Be sure that your buttocks have fully healed before getting into the driving seat. It is always advised that you should get your plastic surgeon’s opinion before resuming driving.

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