When can I exercise after liposuction?-Dr.Hourglass

18th Oct 2018

There are many people who think that liposuction is a minor and straightforward method to enhance the body. The fact is that liposuction is a major operation that entails a number of risks and involves the use of anesthesia. During the procedure, incisions are placed on the body to remove the fat pockets and contour the body area.
One of the common questions patients ask is how soon they can exercise after liposuction. Since the procedure involves incisions and surgical trauma, patients are advised to avoid exercises for at least 5-6 weeks following the procedure. You have to allow the body enough time to heal and recover before engaging in physically strenuous activities like exercise.
There is no doubt that exercise is good for your health. However, like all plastic surgery procedures, you will be required to go through a complete recovery process after liposuction. After the procedure, your body will be swollen, bruised, and traumatized. You will be required to take complete rest for one week after the surgery.
After one week, you may resume work. However, if your work involves physically demanding activities, you will be required to take more time off work. The incision will require at least five weeks to heal. Since you are undergoing liposuction to contour your body, doing exercises before your body has healed can lead to a poorly contoured body.
Physical activities during exercise will apply strain and undue pressure on the incisions, which can trigger major health problems like infection, bleeding, poor wound healing, seroma, and hematoma, in addition to aesthetic complications. Furthermore, you may also experience increased pain and discomfort by engaging in exercises before the recommended time period.
Be sure to follow the surgeon’s instructions for a smooth and quick recovery after liposuction. Doing exercises can also prolong the recovery period. Instead of exercise, be sure to wear your compression garments and take sufficient rest. The more rest you take and the more careful you are during the recovery, the faster and the better you will heal.
After 5 or 6 weeks, you may resume exercise. However, you should not start strenuous exercises abruptly. Be sure to go about it slowly and carefully. Sudden pressure on the incisions can trigger health and aesthetic issues. Start with small and easy exercises and gradually add vigorous exercises in your routine.

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