When can i see the final results of butt implant surgery?

When can i see the final results of butt implant surgery?

24th Apr 2018

Bigger and rounder butts are what many women want to achieve. There are women who are born with big butts, but there are also those who are not. In order to achieve a curvier behind, surgery can be of help. One of the cosmetic surgeries that result in having bigger buttocks is butt implant surgery.

The butt implant surgery makes use of implants, available in various sizes, to add more volume to the buttocks. This is a major kind of surgery and involves making an incision big enough to fit the butt implants. Pockets for the butt implants are also created to make room for them.

Once the surgery is over, you can see the result of the augmentation. Don’t be alarmed if you look in the mirror and see that your butt is bigger than you expected. This is normal because the butt can still be swollen. The swelling adds to the size that you initially see after the procedure. The swelling will eventually subside, and this would depend on the body of the patient.

In some patients, the butt implants may also seem to be riding too high. The surgeons didn’t commit an error here. The butt implants just look like that because they haven’t settled in their proper positions yet. Gradually, they will settle down to their proper position with the help of gravity. You just have to be patient and wait for it to settle down. In some cases, it may seem that one has settled while the other one hasn’t. It is possible that the butt implants don’t settle at the same time that is why you might see that they don’t look like they are at the same level.

While waiting for the swelling to subside and for the butt implants to position themselves properly, you should keep yourself busy in making sure that the body is properly nourished. It is also important to keep yourself hydrated because it helps in the healing process and it also helps get rid of swelling faster. Adequate sleep is also needed in healing.

You should also make sure that you walk around during your recovery. It can be tempting to simply rest and put your feet up all the time, but that can lead you to develop blood clots in your legs. These can be dangerous because they can block your blood vessels.

Once the swelling subsides and the implants are properly positioned, you can now enjoy the final results of the surgery. You may also want to workout to make sure the rest of your body complements the look of your buttocks. It is perfectly fine to exercise and workout even if you have implants. Just make sure to take things slowly and lightly at first. You can gradually increase the intensity of your workout as you heal.

If you think you are not content with the result of your surgery, give it time before you decide to go under another one. Your body has been through a lot and it needs to heal first. You may also grow into loving the results that you already have if you just give it more time.


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