When can i shower after a brazilian butt lift?

When can i shower after a brazilian butt lift?

04th Jan 2019

When Can I Shower After A Brazilian Butt Lift?



The Brazilian butt lift, also known as the fat transfer to the butt, is a plastic surgery procedure to enhance the buttocks. As a result of the shapelier booty trend, tens of thousands of women are undergoing BBL each year to achieve the butt of their dreams. The procedure involves the use of your own body fat to enhance your backside.

The Brazilian butt lift is a major operation. It involves the use of liposuction to remove the excess fat from your body, which is then transferred to the butt via needle. The recovery process after the BBL is critical to achieving the desired goals. One of the common questions patients ask after surgery is how soon they can shower after a Brazilian butt lift.


How soon can you shower after BBL?

In order to understand when you can shower after the Brazilian butt lift, you must know what the procedure entails. The surgery involves three major steps: fat extraction, fat processing, and fat grafting. The procedure starts with the extracting of fat from the fat donor sites. The common areas used as fat donor sites are the abdomen, sides, flanks, and thighs.

Liposuction is performed on these areas to remove the fat, which means there will be incisions on the target areas. The incisions will be prone to contracting infections and need special care. This is important in light of taking a shower after the surgery. The fat removed from the body is then processed in a centrifuge and impurities and dead fat cells are discarded. The remaining fat is then injected in the butt with special needles.

Just like all other procedures, there is a risk of infection after the BBL, and when the body comes in contact with water, the risk of infection increases. Since the BBL involves wounds at the fat donor sites, you would need to wait about 72 hours before showering. This time period differs from surgeon to surgeon. Some surgeons recommend patients to shower right away, whereas other make them wait for as long as two weeks to take a shower.

In my practice, I have found it safe for patients to shower 72 hours after the surgery. However, I closely look at the patient’s health history when advising them about showering. For example, if you have a very weak immune system or if you have diabetes or have been taking blood-thinning medications, the risk of infection and wound complications is greater for you. As such, I will recommend you to wait at least one week before showering.

Patients must follow the surgeon’s instructions when it comes to showering after the procedure. When a surgeon tells you to wait two weeks before taking a shower, there might be some strong reasons behind this. You should make sure to follow those instructions.

Also, when you start showering after the BBL, be sure to avoid hot water. Hot water has the tendency to impair the wounds and create wound complications. Instead, you should use warm or cold water for showering after the BBL. After 3 six weeks, you may use hot water for showering.

The reason why you should wait before showering is that liposuction has left behind incisions that have been sutured and closed. Showering immediately after the surgery or using hot water for showering can cause the wounds to open up, which will expose them to infections. Furthermore, the wounds will heal slowly and abnormally.

Besides showering, there are certain other instructions you must follow. During the first 24-48 hours following the surgery, you may experience some degree of pain and discomfort. This can be contained with pain relief medications. Be sure to take your medicines on time so that the pain can be controlled before it gets worse. However, most patients experience mild or no pain at all after the Brazilian butt lift.

After the surgery, your body will be swollen and bruised. The swelling is a natural reaction of your body to the surgical trauma. It indicates that your body’s natural healing process is in action. However, if the swelling goes beyond the liposuction incision, you should contact your surgeon. The swelling may remain with you for a few weeks or months. As your body heals over time, the bruising will gradually subside and you will look and feel normal. You may ask your doctor to prescribe medications to contain the bruising.

After the surgery, you will be required to avoid sitting and applying pressure to your butt. The fat cells injected in your butt are very weak and in need of blood flow. Your body will take about two weeks to establish blood supply to the fat cells. Sitting during this period will apply undue pressure to your buttocks, which will damage the fat cells. If this happens, not only will the achieved aesthetic results reverse but health complications may also arise.

Additionally, you will be required to avoid resting or sleeping on your backside. This is also for the reason that the fat cells will be damaged or injured as a result of the application of pressure on your butt during sleeping or resting. For 2-3 weeks, make sure to sleep and rest on your front or side. This will allow enough time for the fat grafts to get blood supply and become stronger.

Bending and stretching the body should also be avoided during the first 2-3 weeks following the procedure. Since liposuction has been conducted on the fat donor sites by placing incisions, you need to make sure the incisions remain intact and heal properly. Stretching your body may result in wound splitting. Also, bending can hurt your butt and damage the fat cells during the first two weeks.


The Brazilian butt lift involves performing of liposuction on different areas of your body for the removal of donor fat. The fat removed during the operation is then transferred to your booties via special needles. Liposuction requires placing incisions on the fat donor sites. This makes BBL a major operation. You will be required to avoid showering for at least three days after the surgery. If you have a weak immune system or certain health problems, you may be required to wait longer before showering. Be sure to follow your plastic surgeon’s instruction to have a smooth and safer recovery.


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