When can i sit on the buttocks after butt implants surgery

When can i sit on the buttocks after butt implants surgery

23rd Apr 2017

Almost every woman desires to have aesthetically attractive, pleasing, sexy, and round buttocks. Some women get these derriere qualities naturally, whereas most women rely on plastic surgery to get the butt of their dreams. While women passionately want to have beautiful, large butts, some women are turned off when they know about the recovery period and the instructions to follow.

One of the recovery elements that scare away patients are the restrictions over sitting after the operation. Most patients ask when they can sit following the procedure, and when they get to know the answer, they become worried. It is critical for patients to understand that buttock implant surgery is a major operation and they are going under the knife for cosmetic purposes. As such, extra care is required during the recovery period.

You must not sit on your butt for the first three weeks after the operation. You need to allow enough time for the incisions to heal and for your body to recuperate from the surgical trauma. The butt implants are artificial objects. When they are placed inside the buttocks, they don’t settle immediately. They require a few weeks to be accommodated by the butt and adjust to the new environment.

Sitting before 2-3 weeks after the surgery can trigger a host of health issues, such as incision splitting, wound separation, excessive bleeding, seroma, hematoma, and infection. It can also lead to aesthetic complications. Patients seek the procedure to enhance the aesthetic look of their butts, but even a minor carelessness during the recovery period can leave your surgery botched.

After the procedure, your buttocks are delicate, sensitive, traumatized, and tender. The implants are initially held loosely inside the butt. Sitting will apply undue pressure and force to your butt, which will trigger the above-mentioned issues. The implants may even be displaced or rotated.

Your plastic surgeon will advise you to sit, rest, and sleep on your front or side instead of your back for at least the first two weeks following the surgery. You must follow your surgeon’s instructions. It is totally understandable that you’ll face a lot of inconveniences; however, the troubles are basically the opportunity cost for achieving a beautiful booty. The more you care for your butt during the recovery period, the better the results will be.

When you finally resume sitting after the first two weeks, make sure to do it gradually. Do not suddenly sit with full pressure. Also, avoid sitting for a longer time. Patients are always encouraged to place a soft cushion under their butt and a rolled towel under their legs when sitting, so the pressure is dissuaded away from your buttocks. Also, follow these precautionary measures when sitting at your workplace.

In order to help you recover fast and be able to sit fairly quickly, your surgeon may recommend you to wear compression garments for a few weeks. It will not only expedite the healing process but also let you sit comfortably when you resume sitting after two weeks.

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