When can i start exercising after butt implants surgery

When can i start exercising after butt implants surgery

27th Apr 2017

One of the common questions many patients ask before butt implant surgery is, “When can I resume exercise after the operation?”

It is important to stop your workout for several weeks after surgery. You need to completely recover before starting your exercises. Make sure to discuss with your surgeon during the initial consultation as to when exactly you can resume exercising after the procedure.

Different patients heal differently, and so they require different time periods to resume exercising. However, most patients recover fully within six weeks after the surgery and are able to resume exercise at week 7.

Also, you need to discuss your workout plan with your surgeon before getting started. There are certain exercises that should be avoided for a few months after the procedure because they have the potential to trigger complications. When you resume exercises, do not engage in highly intensive workouts because intensive exercises are riskier during the first eight weeks after the surgery.

Working out earlier or in the middle of the recovery process may affect the achieved results and lead to implant displacement. Some patients are always concerned that wound splitting during a workout will lead to the implant falling out. In reality, this isn’t the case. The implant will stay in the pocket; however, a number of health and aesthetic complications will transpire.

After you fully heal, it is totally okay to get back to your routine workout. Exercising may lead to weight loss, which will affect your body. The fat in your butt will also shrink; however, the implants will not be affected. The change in your body shape resulting from weight loss may affect your buttocks’ shape and size, though.

Those who want to retain their butt size and shape after the procedure should focus on the exercises of the upper body and weight training. This will help keep your new buttocks intact while helping you stay healthy and improving your blood circulation. However, this does not mean you should not work out. Exercising is important to maintain the shape and size of the butt.

If you do not undertake any workout after surgery, you will gain more weight, which will lead to the development of an unwelcoming body shape. One should exercise for four to five days a week and maintain a healthy diet after the butt implant surgery. Also, consult with their doctor to know what exercises are beneficial to retain your butt shape and size.

To maintain the perfect shape of your buttocks, it is vital to do some gluteal and leg muscles exercise as well. Training the legs and buttocks every week will help you achieve the perfect butt. Squats and lunges are known as the most desirable exercises for a round and perky butt.

The Stairmaster is also the best machine for healthy patients, as it helps keep you in shape and healthy. To keep your buttocks fit and in shape, you should also do some cardio four to five times a week for a few minutes. The key is not to lose weight since you may develop implant visibility.

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