When can you see the results of breast reduction?

When can you see the results of breast reduction?

18th Nov 2019


Breast reduction is a procedure very popular and recommended for women with an excessive size of the breasts. Breasts that are too large for a woman’s anatomy can trigger significant health issues, not to mention small everyday discomforts such as not being able to find clothing that fits properly or lingerie to offer support to the breasts.

Before undergoing breast reduction surgery, many patients want to know when they can see the results. It is a well-known fact that the results of many plastic surgery procedures are not visible immediately after the procedure and this is also in the case of breast reduction.

When breast reduction is performed, the plastic surgeon will eliminate a part of the mammary gland that is in excess, as well as the surplus of fat and skin tissue. The glandular tissue is centered, and the breasts are positioned higher on the chest wall as in a vast majority of cases women with overly large breasts also suffer from breast ptosis that is characterized by the lower position of the breasts on the chest wall. For this procedure, the plastic surgeon will need to make about three incisions on the breasts. The position and length of the incisions are dependent on the volume of the breasts and how much glandular tissue needs to be removed.

Breast reduction is quite a complex procedure that entails scars and a removal of the mammary gland. This means that after the surgery, the patient will need time to rest and the body will require some weeks or months to heal from the surgical trauma. Immediately after the surgery the patient will have smaller breasts, and many of the discomforts associated with the excessive volume of the breasts will disappear right away. However, the final result won’t be visible until a few months after. For the first few weeks, the patient will deal with the normal side effects that can occur after any type of surgery such as swelling and bruising. The breasts will be swollen and bruises will cover them for a few weeks and in some cases up to a month or two. After the swelling and bruises disappear, the breasts will look more like the final result, but still, it is recommended to wait until the incisions are fully healed and matured before assessing the final results. The incisions will go through different stages during the cicatrization process, and it can take months and up to a year for them to heal completely. Generally speaking, the final results are visible in most patients about six to nine months after the procedure, but in some cases, it can even take 12 months. 

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