When do breast implants drop?

When do breast implants drop?

30th Jan 2020

When do breast implants drop?


After undergoing breast implant surgery, many patients discover that their implants are rather high on the chest wall and with the overall appearance of a bodybuilder. This is not overly sexy, and patients who haven’t been aware that this is a natural stage in the process tend to get worried that they will be left with this appearance. This will not happen. If the procedure was a success, the implants will drop and settle in their pockets in the next few weeks and months. So, when can you expect the “drop and fluff” that everyone is talking about? 

The tissues of the breasts start being stretched immediately after the implant is inserted into the pocket created for it inside the breasts. After approximately a week, the tissues can start to become softer and relax a little, but it can often take a minimum of two to three months for the implants to reach the ideal position on the chest wall.

The plastic surgeon will give you all the details about the time when the implants drop and also what you can do to make this process smoother and faster. It is important to know that the dropping of the implants can’t be forced and you should avoid taking any action with this aim in mind unless recommended by your plastic surgeon. 

Generally speaking, if your implants are late to drop and settle, the plastic surgeon might advise you to wear a belt over the top of the breasts to help the descent. However, this should only be done when the incisions have healed and are completely closed and only upon the recommendation and advice of the plastic surgeon. Moreover, massages can be recommended to help the implants drop. The plastic surgeon or the medical staff will show you what techniques should be used when massaging the breasts to ensure you get the best results possible and no complications occur. Again, keep in mind that starting the massages on the breasts too early in the recovery process can trigger complications. It is important not to worry too much about the drop and fluff of the implants and just follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon. 

Make sure you go to the follow-up consultations after the surgery so the plastic surgeon can assess the recovery process and decide whether it is necessary to take certain measures to help the implants drop and fluff sooner. 

Keep in mind that it can take up to three months for the implants to drop and this is when you will see a glimpse of the final results. It is also at this time when the swelling and bruising should have completely subsided to allow for a more accurate assessment of the results of the surgery. 

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