When is it not a good time to have a breast reduction?

When is it not a good time to have a breast reduction?

02nd May 2019


Breast reduction is sometimes recommended for patients as young as 16 years old if the excessive growth of the mammary gland has a negative effect on the overall development of the patient. It can be performed on patients of different ages as breast hypertrophy can occur at different times in the woman’s life. The recommendation is to have the procedure done when there is a need for it, and the patient considers that the benefits outweigh the cons of undergoing the breast reduction. However, there are certain cases in which it is not recommended to have a breast reduction, such as when:

–    You are overweight and plan to lose more weight in the future

If the patient is slightly overweight or obese, the recommendation is first to lose weight and only after refining the features of the body with plastic surgery. Otherwise, the results will be compromised when weight loss occurs later on. When correcting overly large breasts, the plastic surgeon will also perform techniques to correct the breast ptosis that is often associated with an excessive size of the breasts. This is why ulterior weight fluctuations can lead to saggy breasts once again, even if their volume won’t fluctuate too much.

–    You are planning to get pregnant soon in the future

The results achieved with breast reduction surgery can be altered if the patient gets pregnant after the procedure. Due to the changes that occur in the breasts when a woman is pregnant, the breasts can increase their volume again and become saggy once breastfeeding stops. The breasts will never become as big as they were before breast reduction surgery, but their appearance might be altered.

–    You are struggling with emotional or mental issues

A patient ready to undergo breast reduction surgery is a patient in good health and emotional condition. If you are struggling with mental or emotional conditions and you seek help from plastic surgery, you might end up complicating things. The recommendation is to get treatment for your condition and only undergo the procedure when you are mentally and emotionally stable.

–    Your breasts are not fully developed

Young girls can be confronted with breast hypertrophy; however, the plastic surgeon might advise you to wait a bit longer if you are under 16 years old as your breasts might not be fully developed. If the breasts continue to grow after breast reduction surgery, this can compromise the results.

–    You want to breastfeed in the future

One of the potential risks of undergoing breast reduction surgery is not to be able to breastfeed after the procedure. This means that if you want to get pregnant and breastfeed in the future, this is not a good time to have a breast reduction.


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