When is it not the right time for breast reduction?

When is it not the right time for breast reduction?

30th Mar 2018

Breast reduction is a plastic surgery intervention that can treat overly large breasts, making them smaller and eliminating or reducing the symptoms associated with the condition. While most women desire to have bigger breasts, when the breasts become overly large, they not only create emotional problems for the patient but also trigger physical pain like shoulder and back pain.

Breast reduction involves removal of the excess fat, skin, and glandular tissue from the breasts. Unfortunately, not every patient can qualify for the surgery. There are also times when it is not right for you to undergo a breast reduction. Keep in mind that breast reduction is a major and invasive procedure. As such, the plastic surgeon will assess your candidacy during the pre-operative consultation.

If overly large breasts are not affecting your self-esteem or if it is not creating physical pain and discomfort for you, you should avoid the procedure. The surgery is recommended only for women who get embarrassed because of very large breasts and those who experience pain in the neck, shoulder, and back due to overly large breasts.

Secondly, breast reduction is not for you if you have serious health problems. The surgery is a major intervention, and you should consider it only when the benefits are higher than the risks. During the pre-operative consultation, the doctor will assess your overall health and tell you if it is right for you to go under the knife. If you have serious diabetes, heart disease, blood disorder, respiratory problems, or autoimmune disorder, the doctor may advise you to avoid the procedure.

Next, if you are pregnant or want to get pregnant, it is not the right time for you to seek breast reduction. The procedure would be performed only when the patient doesn’t want to get pregnant. Performing the surgery during pregnancy cannot only be life-threatening to you, but it can also be life-threatening to your baby. When the patient gets pregnant after the surgery, the results achieved via the operation will disappear.

Also, many women who want to undergo breast reduction have unrealistic goals and unreasonable expectations. Keep in mind that while the surgery can enhance your breasts and overall body outline, it cannot change you into another person or make you look like a celebrity. You should set your expectations accordingly.

Last but not the least, breast reduction is not meant for women who are not prepared to go through the recovery process. The surgery involves downtime, and you should be ready for it. You must take at least two weeks off work to recover after the surgery. Also, the recovery can be physically and emotionally discomforting. It is a tradeoff for the aesthetic goals you want to achieve. During the consultation session, make sure you are a good candidate for breast reduction surgery.

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