When is it possible to get back to work after breast lipofilling?

When is it possible to get back to work after breast lipofilling?

08th Apr 2020


Breast implant surgery is without a doubt among the two most performed plastic surgery procedures in the world. And there is a simple explanation to this: it helps women get the breasts of their dreams with minimum risks and complications involved. However, over the last decade there is another procedure that was developed and now is successfully performed for breast augmentation purposes. The procedure is called the breast lipofilling, fat transfer to the breasts, or fat grafting to the breasts. As you might have realized already, it entails the use of the patient’s own fat cells that are extracted from areas with unwanted fat deposits and injected into the breasts to get a better shape and more volume.

Breast lipofilling is not a substitute for breast implants. Patients who want to achieve an augmentation of the breasts that is bigger than a bra cup size should go for implants as lipofilling can only be used for a moderate increase in the size of the breasts. There are multiple benefits to lipofilling procedure and reasons why patients choose to have this instead of implants. An important advantage is the lack of significant scarring on the breasts left behind after the procedure. Some women don’t want to get implants as they don’t want incisions on their breasts. When undergoing breast lipofilling, this will not be a problem.

Another main advantage of fat transfer is the use of the patient’s own fat cells and not external prostheses. This means that the patient won’t have to deal with the potential complications and risks associated with the use of breast implants. 

Patients interested in undergoing this procedure will also be happy to know that the recovery process after fat grafting is often shorter than for breast implant surgery. If you are wondering when it is possible to get back to work after breast lipofilling, this could happen within a few days after the procedure. Of course, the short recovery period is for patients with no preexisting health conditions that could prolong the healing process and who are committed to following the recommendations of the plastic surgeon. 

Getting back to work in the next few days following a breast lipofilling procedure is also possible provided that the patient is dedicated to avoiding intense physical activities. Applying ice packs on the areas treated with the surgery in the first few days post-op, taking pain medication and antibiotics for five days post-op, and not smoking and sleeping on the tummy can help you have a fast and smooth recovery period and get back to work after a few days or a week. Make sure to discuss the return to work with the plastic surgeon before resuming your activities.

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