When is it safe to have sex after breast implant surgery?

When is it safe to have sex after breast implant surgery?

20th Oct 2021

Having smaller breasts can lead to intimacy issues for some patients. When the woman is not feeling feminine, sexy, and good in her own skin, this can affect her relationships and the way she relates to other people, especially during sex.

We often have patients looking to undergo breast augmentation surgery mentioning how they don’t feel feminine enough, and they fear to date or get intimate because they might be seen as not alluring enough. When it comes to intimate relationships and many other things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and also beauty is a matter of attitude. There are women who are not overly sexy but have the right attitude and they have good intimate lives. At the same time, there are women who look really hot but feel otherwise, so they tend to push people away and don’t have good relationships. 

After getting breast implants, many women mention experiencing a boost of self-esteem that led them to be more adventurous and engaging, eventually towards a happier personal, professional and social life. There are patients who wait to see the final results before dating again as they need to feel sexy and alluring before seeing people. This is the reason why we often hear the question about when it is safe to have sex after breast implant surgery.

Breast augmentation is a complex surgery that entails significant incisions on the breasts and a recovery period of about two weeks, during which intense physical activities are to be avoided. This means that sex should be avoided for a minimum of two to three weeks as it can trigger unnecessary pain and other complications that could otherwise be avoided. 

During sexual intercourse, the breasts can slightly increase their volume due to hormonal changes and the influx of blood, but after the surgery this can lead to pain, so it is better to avoid it. Moreover, keep in mind that during the first weeks, the breasts will be bruised and swollen. Sometimes they can have a high position on the chest wall, similar to the chest of a bodybuilder. This means that the patient should wait a bit for the final results to occur. 

Generally speaking, it is safe to have sexual intercourse after the incisions are closed and healed, and preferably not to touch the breasts too aggressively if they are not completely healed. The plastic surgeon will advise you to wear the post-op bra non-stop during the first two to three weeks as the breasts need support and compression. Also, Arnica Montana supplements might be recommended to reduce the swelling. 

Patients can usually engage safely in intimate relations about four to six weeks after the procedure, but keep in mind that the breasts might still be swollen and bruised.

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