When is not a good time to have a breast lift?

When is not a good time to have a breast lift?

18th Apr 2019



The breasts are the most critical aesthetic assets of women. Cosmetic flaws in the breasts create self-esteem issues for women because it affects your whole body outline. Women desire to have firmer and youthful breasts throughout their entire life. Unfortunately, the breasts undergo many changes over one’s life. One of the common problems that most women experience is breast sagging. The breasts become saggy due to factors like pregnancy, weight changes, breastfeeding, aging, and gravity.

When the breasts become loose and saggy, they look aesthetically unpleasant. Saggy breasts make you look aged as well. The breast lift enhances the breasts by restoring their firmness and youthfulness. The breast lift is a major procedure and you cannot get the surgery anytime, and not all women can qualify for the procedure. There are certain times when it is not right to get a breast lift.


What is the breast lift and who should get it?

The breast lift is an effective treatment for saggy breasts. It has a history of delivering impressive aesthetic improvements to the breasts. This procedure is recommended for patients that have developed saggy breasts and the condition is affecting their self-esteem. You should select only an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon to undertake the operation. The surgeon will determine your candidacy during the pre-operative consultation. A trusted surgeon will always tell you if it is not a good time for you to undergo the breast lift.

The breast lift involves major incisions on the breasts. The procedure is also traumatic. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will make incisions on the breasts and then access the separated breast muscles. He will repair and tighten the muscles. In the next step, the surgeon will reposition the nipples on the breasts so that they can look perky and aesthetically welcoming. The surgeon will then remove the surplus skin from your breasts. The incisions are then sutured and closed.

As a result of the breast lift, your breasts will become firmer, tighter, and perky again. These improvements in the breasts will also help enhance your body definition and outline. The benefits of the surgery will even transpire in the form of restoration of your self-esteem and quality of life. Keep in mind that the breast lift is not recommended for any woman. There are many eligibility criteria that you are required to meet. You should consider this operation only when your breasts are severely saggy, you are in good health, you have realistic expectations, and are experiencing lower self-esteem due to saggy breasts.


When is it not a good time to get a breast lift?

It is not always a good time for every woman to undergo the breast lift. Many factors and events can determine as to when it is a good time or wrong time for you to undergo surgery. Below are indicators as to when it is not a good time to get a breast lift:


–    You are planning to get pregnant

The first indication that it is not the right time for you to get the breast lift is if you are planning to get pregnant. The breast lift is not recommended for women who want to get pregnant after the surgery. Keep in mind that the leading cause of breast sagging is pregnancy. Pregnancy affects the breast muscles, causing them to separate and become loose. Furthermore, during pregnancy, your breasts expand in size due to the hormonal changes taking place inside your body. When the breasts extend beyond a certain point, it affects the elasticity of the breast skin. And when your breasts decrease in size after the surgery, the surface fails to go back to its original position. As a result, the breasts become saggy.

When you undergo the breast lift, it restores your firmer and tighter breasts. However, getting pregnant after the surgery can affect the breasts in the same way as pregnancy has affected it before the surgery. What this means is that your breasts will become saggy again after pregnancy. Pregnancy will reverse all the aesthetic improvements achieved with the breast lift. So, if you want to get pregnant, you must defer your plan to get a breast lift until you are done with having children.


–    You are already pregnant

The second and most important indication that it is not the right time for you to undergo the breast lift is when you are already pregnant. Undergoing breast lift when you are pregnant will not only affect your health but also be life-threatening for your baby. While it may be overwhelming to see the adverse aesthetic changes in your body during pregnancy, you should think about your baby instead of your aesthetic appearance. If you are pregnant, you must share this information with your plastic surgeon.

Also, all breast lift patients are required to get specific medical tests, including a pregnancy test. If you turn out to be pregnant, the surgeon will not operate on you. Instead, you will be advised to wait until you are done with childbirth to get a breast lift. Even after delivery, you must wait for at least six months after childbirth or six months after breastfeeding to undergo the breast lift.


–    You are going through a divorce or have lost your job

If you have had a divorce lately or are going through a divorce, it is not a good time to have a breast lift. The same holds for women who have lost their job. These events may cause you to think that such misfortunes have happened to you due to the aesthetic shortcomings in your body, whereas the reality may be otherwise. In such circumstances, you should seek psychological counseling instead of undergoing the breast lift.


–    You are not prepared for the surgery and recovery

Another sign that it is not a good time to have a breast lift is when you are not yet prepared for the surgery and the recovery. Keep in mind that the breast lift is a major plastic surgery procedure and it involves downtime. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and involves incisions and surgical trauma. As such, the patient must be fully ready to get the surgery and go through the recovery process that can extend to many weeks. If you are not yet prepared for the operation and recovery, you should avoid the procedure until you are ready for it.


–    You don’t want to stop smoking

Next, the breast lift is not recommended if you are a smoker and not ready to stop smoking. Smoking affects the healing process and can trigger many complications. To ensure your safety and smooth recovery after the breast lift, the surgeon will ask whether you are a smoker and are ready to stop smoking at least two weeks before the surgery and avoid smoking throughout the recovery process. If you are not prepared for this yet, it is not the right time for you to get the procedure.


–    You are obese or overweight

To get better results with the breast lift, you must not be obese or overweight. In such a case, the plastic surgeon will recommend you to avoid the surgery for now and instead focus on losing weight. Once you lose weight and your breasts are stable, you may consider getting the breast lift.


–    Your goals are unrealistic

To get the breast lift, you need to have realistic and achievable goals and expectations. Many women are inspired by celebrities and assume that the breast lift can transform them into celebrities or make them look like another person they are inspired of. The reality is that the breast lift only enhances your breasts, which can also help improve your overall body outline. However, it will not change you into or make you look like someone else. As such, if your goals are not realistic, the plastic surgeon will advise you to avoid the surgery and get it only when you have realistic goals.



Women are extremely sensitive when it comes to the aesthetic features of the breasts because the breasts are the most cherished aesthetic areas of the female body. One of the conditions that affect women is breast sagging. The factors that can cause the breasts to sag have been discussed above. The breast lift can restore your youthful and perky breasts by tightening the breast muscles, removing the surplus skin from the breasts, and repositioning the nipples. However, it is not always the right time for all women to have the surgery. Many signs indicate that it is not a good time for you to undergo the procedure. In this article, I have discussed those signs.

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