When is the best time to reduce the size of the breasts?

When is the best time to reduce the size of the breasts?

24th Nov 2019


The overly large size of the breasts can cause daily discomfort for women confronted with this issue. The discomfort can be both physical and emotional, and on a bigger level, the patient’s life can be negatively affected by this.

Having breasts that are too big compared to your anatomy is not always a blessing. In a vast majority of cases, it can be quite the opposite and women with naturally large breasts can testify to this. Even women who have undergone breast implant surgery to get big breasts and got a volume of the implant too large for their anatomy had to undergo a revision procedure to remove and replace the implants. Among these women are countless celebrities who wanted to enjoy the benefits of having larger breasts but went too far the first time and needed an adjustment in terms of the size of the implants later on.

When talking about naturally large breasts, there is one solution to reduce their size, and this is breast reduction surgery commonly performed nowadays all over the United States. In some cases, the procedure can even be supported by health insurance if the volume of the breasts is considered extreme and having a strong negative impact on your health and wellbeing. It might be difficult to imagine the type of discomforts associated with breasts of an excessive size, but to mention just a few are the effects it can have on the spine, causing an abnormal posture of the body and even dermatological issues that can occur and are difficult to treat under the breasts.

Breast reduction can provide the patient comfort and increased functionality, and this is why it is such a popular procedure. However, a responsible plastic surgeon will tell you that there is a good time to reduce the breasts and also times when you should avoid the procedure. So, when is the best time to reduce the size of the breasts?

–    When you are old enough to understand the pros and cons

Overly large breasts can develop as early as when the patient is 14 or 16 years old, and because of the negative consequences that it can have on the body and mind of the patient, breast reduction can even be performed on teenage patients. However, it is essential for the patient to understand the pros and cons before scheduling.

–    When you don’t plan to have children in the future

Pregnancy can cause changes in the volume of the breasts once again, also affecting their shape and consistency. This is why the best time to undergo the procedure is when your family is complete and you are not planning to have more children.

–    When you can take time off from work for the recovery period

A recovery period of about two weeks is necessary after breast reduction surgery, so the best time to schedule the procedure is when you can take this time off from work.

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