When is the best time to undergo a brazilian butt lift

When is the best time to undergo a brazilian butt lift

15th Jul 2017

The Brazilian butt lift procedure injects the patient’s own fat into the buttocks, thereby augmenting the buttocks. It is a less invasive procedure in comparison to other augmentations of the buttocks, and the process begins with liposuction. Fat from various parts of the body will be removed and purified until only fat cells remain before it is finally injected into the buttocks for the augmentation. The initial consultation with the surgeon should reveal if the patient has enough fat for the procedure.

Despite less invasive nature of this procedure in comparison to other buttock augmentation procedures, patients still go through a recovery period. They need to avoid putting pressure on their buttocks via sitting to maximize the amount of fat cells that will survive. Thus, determining the optimal time for the Brazilian butt lift procedure is integral if the patient wishes to achieve the best results.

The ideal time for the procedure is when the patient has a reasonable time for recovery. Patients should make sure that they have adequate time to recover after the surgery before resuming their daily activities. Daily activities may have negative repercussions if the patient hasn’t fully recovered, which is why an absence from work or school is necessary.

The patients should also schedule the procedure during a period lacking a significant amount of social events. Attending social gatherings while recovering from the surgery can be uncomfortable. Resting at home and having someone to help would be for the best.

The Brazilian butt lift is a perfect procedure for patients who have already achieved their ideal or desired weight. Doctors recommend patients to wait until they have reached their ideal weight before the procedure, otherwise the transferred fat cells will be reabsorbed when the patient loses weight. The augmentation’s results may be negated due to the weight loss.

The right time for the Brazilian butt lift will depend on the patient. The patient should choose a convenient time, preferably when they can schedule an absence from their responsibilities for a proper recovery period. The successful result of the procedure also depends on the patient’s during the recovery. If a patient knows how to take care of their body, they should be able to heal properly and prevent complications from developing. If complications do not develop or if the complications are rectified, then it is more likely that positive results will be obtained.


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