When NOT To Have A Liposuction

When NOT To Have A Liposuction

26th Jul 2017

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that can help lessen the fat in a specific area of the body. It is mostly done in the midsection, the thighs, and the arms. In this procedure, a blunt cannula is used to suck out the fat in a certain area through the incisions made. A lot of people find that liposuction helps them achieve a curvier body that they can be proud of. Liposuction gives many people a boost in confidence, especially when they find that their clothes fit well.

Although liposuction is a plastic surgery that is quite commonly done, there are still some instances when it is not advised for you to go through it. One of the main reasons surgeons advise patients against the procedure, is when they see that they are not ready for it. During the initial consultation, the surgeon usually has a thorough talk with the patient in order to discover what their expectations are for the procedure. If they discover that the patient is still uncertain, more often than not, the surgeon will tell them to think about it more.

Another reason for surgeons to turn away patients from getting a liposuction is when they have unrealistic expectations from it. Remember, surgeons are not your fairy godmother. They can’t just wave the magic wand and have all your fat simply disappear and never to return. It is true that this procedure will remove the fat cells. However, there are still other fat cells in the body that can expand and grow over time, especially if you eat too much and do not do any exercises. Furthermore, you cannot completely be rid of all the fat cells in that area even through the liposuction, and that too can expand when you gain a significant amout of weight.

Although the results are permanent, it is still not a substitute for continuous diet and exercise. When you go through liposuction, you must ensure that you are committed to maintaining or even reducing your current body weight. In this way, you will get to enjoy the wonderful results that the procedure brings.

For patients who are under certain medications, liposuction would be ill advised because of how it can negatively impact the results of your surgery. So before the procedure, you must disclose all of the medication you are taking, so that the surgeon is aware and can advise you on which medication is not allowed. The preparation before the procedure is just as important as the care you take post-op. By following their pre-operative instructions, you should be clear for the liposuction procedure.

Now for patients have implants on the site where they want to have the liposuction, this may be a problem. This is why you should inform the surgeon of its presence, so that they do not accidentally rupture the implants while doing the liposuction procedure.

Your current health condition may also be a factor against liposuction. The surgeon will have to check this before you are cleared for liposuction. Having certain diseases, such as heart or lung disease, depression, blood clotting disorder, endocrine disorder, vascular problems, or diabetes may deter you from having the procedure. However, some surgeons can still operate, but they just need to have full disclosure so that they can handle it if any problems occur during the surgery.

Oddly enough, there is a misconception that liposuction can negatively affect pregnancy, which is why women who are planning to get pregnant in the future are afraid to go for it. The truth is, getting a liposuction before childbearing wouldn’t have bad effects on the pregnancy. On the contrary, this may help the patient burn the fat after they give birth. However, surgeons do suggest patients to undergo liposuction after so that they can get the best possible results without it being affected by pregnancy later on.

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