When should you have a buttock lift

When should you have a buttock lift

19th Feb 2018

When you are young, your buttocks are perky, firmer, shapelier, and sexy. Your skin is elastic because your body is producing collagen that keeps your skin elastin intact and stronger. Also, your body’s hormones are at their peak, which helps enhance your body areas like your butts, hips, and breasts. The appearance of the buttocks in women show their femininity and fertility, besides defining their overall body outline and physical beauty.

However, as you age, your body undergoes many changes. Many of these changes are internal, whereas others are external. The changes affect the aesthetic features of your body areas, including the buttocks. One of the main problems that affect women is saggy buttocks. Many factors cause your butts to become saggy and lose as you age. The main factors include aging, weight changes, hormonal changes, pregnancies, and gravity.

What is the buttock lift surgery

As stated above, many factors cause the butts to become saggy. Saggy buttocks look aesthetically unwelcoming. They make you look aged and physically unattractive. As a result, you may affect self-esteem issues. The buttock lift surgery is a popular plastic surgery intervention that useful treats saggy buttocks. If your butts have become severely saggy, you may consider the buttock lift surgery.

Many people mistake the butt lift surgery for the Brazilian butt lift. However, there is a huge difference between the two procedures. Brazilian butt lift is used to add projection and volume to the butts by using your body fat, whereas the butt lift surgery is an excisional procedure that involves surgical removal of the excess skin and fat from the buttocks with the goal to restore your firmer, youthful, and perky backside.

Signs you need a buttock lift

Whether you need a buttock lift or another intervention depends on the specific aesthetic flaws in your buttocks, in addition to your aesthetic goals and how the condition is affecting your life. Many women are unaware of when they should consider the intervention and what are the signs that indicate that you should undergo the butt lift procedure.

So, here are the signs that indicate that you need a butt lift surgery:

– One or both of your butts are saggy

The first signs you need a buttock lift surgery is that one or both of your buttocks are severely saggy. Many factors cause the buttocks to become saggy. As you age, your body produces less collagen, which makes your skin weaker. When your skin becomes weak, it starts to sag and become loose.

Secondly, weight changes are among the primary factors that make the butts severely saggy. When you gain considerable weight, your buttocks expand and become larger. During this process, the elastin in your skin become weaker or gets damaged, especially when you are aged. When considerable weight loss follows the weight gain, your butts collapse and shrink; however, the skin doesn’t go back to its original position because the elastin has already been damaged. As a result, the butts become severely saggy.

Genetic factors can also affect the aesthetic features of your buttocks. For example, you may be genetically predisposed to developing saggy buttocks. As such, one or both of your butts can be severely saggy. Likewise, hormonal changes and gravity can make the buttocks saggy and lose.

All of the above-explained cases indicate that you need a buttock lift surgery, especially when the sagginess in the butts is severe. The procedure will excise the excess skin and fat from the buttocks, making the butts firmer, youthful, toned, sexy, and perky.

– Your saggy butts are affecting your self-esteem

The second sign that indicates you should consider buttock lift is that the condition is affecting your self-esteem. It is essential to keep in mind that the buttock lift is a major surgery that involves major incisions and surgical skin removal. Many risks are associated with the intervention, and many complications can occur after the procedure. As such, anyone who considers the procedure should consider the procedure only when the saggy buttocks affect your self-esteem and quality of life.

In most cases, when the butts become severely saggy, it causes the patient to experience self-esteem issues. Nobody desires to have saggy and aesthetically unwelcoming butts. Saggy butts make you look aged and less attractive, which, in turn, affects your self-esteem. In such a case, you may consider the buttock lift surgery. After the procedure, your butts will become firmer and aesthetically pleasing. It will restore your self-esteem and improve your quality of life.

– You don’t fit well in your clothes

One of the problems that women experience due to saggy buttocks is that the patient doesn’t fit well in her clothes and is unable to wear her favorite outfits. Since they look unwelcoming and the butts are often loose and flat, the clothes don’t fit and instead make the patient look aesthetically impoverished.

If you are not able to fit properly into your clothes and are not able to wear your favorite clothes, it is a sign you need a buttock lift. The surgery will restore your firmer, perky, youthful, and toned backside, which will, in turn, let you wear your favorite clothes and your outfits will fit you well. You will look aesthetically welcoming in your clothes after the procedure.

– The skin folds contract dirt

A medical condition can also trigger the need for the butt lift surgery. When the butts become severely saggy, folds finally develop in the skin. The skin folds or skin rolls can pose health issues to you. The primary problem, in this case, is that the skin rolls contract direct, which can’t be removed easily. The dirt in the skin folds can trigger infection, which can affect your health condition.

If you are concerned that the skin rolls in your buttocks will create health issues for you, or if you have already suffered from infection due to this problem, you may consider the buttock lift intervention. The procedure will surgically remove the excess skin from the butts, which will make your firmer and eliminate the risk of infection resulting from the saggy butts or skin rolls in the butts.

– You are unable to participate in physical activities

When the buttocks become severely saggy, it often keeps the patient from engaging in routine physical activities. Not doing physical activities can affect your health. Saggy butts can limit your physical movements in two ways. First, is the sagginess is severe; it can hamper your ability to move and do physical activities.

Second, you may feel embarrassed or shy to do physical activities with saggy buttocks. You may avoid physical activities like swimming, cycling, jogging, exercises, etc. because of the saggy buttocks.

If you are experiencing a similar case, it is a sign you need a buttock lift surgery. After the procedure, you will not only be physically active but also get the self-confidence to do physical activities.

– The condition is affecting your professional life

People who have saggy buttocks also experience problems in their professional lives. The sad reality is that the society and even professional settings prefer physically attractive people. The modern beauty standards also expect women to have firmer and youthful appearance, especially buttocks. When the buttocks are saggy, you may not be able to concentrate on your professional life. Also, studies have indicated that women who are physically attractive tend to make more money, land better jobs, develop in their career, and climb the career ladder quickly. What this means is that if your butts are saggy and you want to boost your professional life, the butt lift surgery may help you.

– You desire to have firmer, perkier buttocks

The modern standards of beauty require females to have firmer, youthful, and aesthetically appealing derriere. When the butts become saggy, they look aesthetically unappealing. The patient may feel excluded from the trend as a result. If you think that you are left behind and desire to identify with the latest beauty trends, you may consider the buttock lift surgery.

– The benefits are greater than the risks

Last but not the least, the buttock lift surgery is a highly invasive procedure that involves many risks and complications. You must do a risk/benefit analysis of the intervention by working with your surgeon. You should consider undergoing the surgery only when the benefits of the procedure are greater than the associated risks and complications.


The buttock lift surgery is a plastic surgery intervention to treat severely saggy butts. Many factors affect the aesthetic features of the butts. The factors have been explained above. Many patients don’t know when they should undergo the intervention. The common indications that you need a buttock lift surgery have been explained above. The procedures restore your firmer and youthful butts by removing the excess skin and fat from the butts.

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