When should you schedule the hourglass intervention?

04th Oct 2018

The hourglass procedure is a plastic surgery operation that is used to enhance your looks by making your hips wider and your waist smaller. The surgery involves liposuction of areas that have accumulated fat, especially your abdomen, sides, and flanks. The fat is then processed and injected into the hips, making them wider.
Many women don’t know when to schedule their hourglass hip procedure. The first indication that you should schedule when your hips are narrow and the condition is affecting your self-esteem. If you desire to have wider hips, you should consider the hourglass procedure. Wider hips are the sign of femininity, fertility, and physical beauty.
If your hips are narrow but the condition is not affecting your self-esteem, you should not have the hourglass hip procedure. Also, take the risks and benefits into account when considering surgery. You should undergo only when you are sure that the benefits are greater than the risks.
Moreover, you must also take into account the cost. Keep in mind that the hourglass surgery is a cosmetic operation, and like all elective procedures it is costly. You should do your research and undergo surgery only when you are sure you can pay the cost. The good news is that many surgeons and surgical facilities are now offering flexible financing options for cosmetic procedures. If you are unable to pay the cost, you should discuss with the plastic surgeon and explore your options.
The hourglass surgery involves downtime. After the procedure, you will have to go through a complete recovery process. You should schedule the procedure only when you can commit at least two weeks to the recovery period. You will not be able to work and move around during this time and need to be very careful. If you are not ready for this, you should avoid the procedure.
Also, the patient is required to take sufficient rest and spend most of her time in bed during the first two weeks after the surgery. You need to be extra careful and avoid physically strenuous activities. If you are ready for this, you may schedule your hourglass procedure.

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