When to check in with the surgeon after getting butt implants

When to check in with the surgeon after getting butt implants

05th Apr 2020


When it comes to undergoing surgery for health purposes, patients know that they will meet the surgeon during the recovery process as he needs to monitor their condition and ensure everything is okay. Well, the same is valid for plastic surgery; however, few people know beforehand that they will keep seeing the plastic surgeon periodically after undergoing the procedure they desire. 

It is important to know this before choosing the plastic surgeon who will perform your surgery as you will need to develop a relationship with him built on trust and mutual understanding to make the most out of your procedure and to have a smooth and fast recovery process.

After the surgery, the plastic surgeon will ask to see you in the next one or two days. During this first follow-up consultation, the surgeon will check the incisions and assess how the healing process is going and also look of signs of infection. He will also remove the drain tubes, if you had them inserted during surgery. This first post-op meeting is important and the recommendation is to meet the surgeon as per the scheduled appointments. 

A week after the initial follow-up consultation, the second check-up will be scheduled. During this meeting, the surgeon will check again for signs of infection and monitor the recovery process. If removable sutures were used, it is during this time that the plastic surgeon will take them out. After a week, the risk of developing an infection will be decreased significantly and if everything is fine, the patient will be asked to return a month later. Next visits are scheduled three, six and nine months after the procedure. 

These follow-up consultations will be scheduled and you will know in advance when you have the meetings; however, there are other times when you should check in with the surgeon after getting butt implants. We are talking here about a few situations when you should reach out to your plastic surgeon, such as when:

–    You feel intense pain in the buttocks

–    Pus is coming from the incision site

–    You have a high fever

–    You are suffering from intense pain in the leg

–    You have difficulties walking 

–    Your incisions have opened

–    The implants have shifted

–    You want to apply creams or gels on the incisions that were not recommended by the plastic surgeon

–    You want to start physical exercises or work and you don’t know if you should do it yet

These are just a few of the situations when you should check in with the plastic surgeon after getting butt implants. Talking to him might help you avoid complications that could otherwise prolong the recovery process unnecessarily.

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