When to consider breast implant revision?

When to consider breast implant revision?

06th Apr 2018

Breast augmentation with implants aims to improve the appearance of the breast by making them look fuller and more symmetrical. In some cases, the implants placed in the breasts don’t improve its appearance. Instead, they make the breasts look distorted and worse than before. If this happens, one can consider going for a breast implant revision to change their implants and get ones that will bring a positive change to their appearance.

There are various instances to consider before going through another surgery for a breast implant revision. One of them is when the implants rupture or leak. Although the implants are made to be very durable and long lasting, there is still a possibility for it to break. Whether it is due to the implant itself or to the reaction of the body to it, there is a need to remove the damaged implant, especially the silicone-filled kind. The rupture may or may not cause a distortion in the breast appearance, but it is best to have the leaking silicone implant removed for the patient’s safety. After this, the patient can decide whether to have them replaced or not.

Another scenario is when the implants are displaced. Sometimes one implant can be significantly higher than the other, or it may have rotated which is what causes a distorted breast appearance. Both instances would require the implants to be fixed and revision surgery to be done.

Sometimes after surgery, one breast implant will be noticeably higher than the other. It should be noted though that a patient should wait for several months, usually six, for the implants to properly settle into place. Additionally, patients should also wait for the swelling to subside. The implants may also seem too high because the surgery is still fresh and the implants haven’t settled yet. The swelling can also cause the implants not to be in its proper position. As the body heals and the swelling subsides, the implants gradually settle in place. Sometimes one moves faster than the other but they eventually even out. This is why it is important to give the implants enough time to settle and the body to heal from the surgery.

Another instance where breast implant surgery would be useful is when the implants are positioned too close together that they touch each other and form a “uniboob”. In this case, new pockets for the implants would be made. To prevent this situation, patients should be careful about working with surgeons especially those who offer their services at extremely low prices. It is possible that they do not really have adequate experience which is why they make this common mistake of having the pockets too close to each other. This is usually done to give more cleavage but over doing so can lead a patient to the have their breasts merge into one.

The breast implant revision surgery is also considered when there are other complications that develop. Complications such as infected implant and others that cannot be easily resolved through non-surgical procedures will need a breast implant revision surgery. In addition to this, some patients can also undergo this procedure when they feel like their implants are not the best for them. They may choose to get bigger or smaller implants that will suit their preference.



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