When to consider getting butt implant

When to consider getting butt implant

30th May 2017

When to consider getting butt implants


Beautiful, sensuous, uber feminine, irresistibly sexy…these are simply the icing on the cake, a few of the many benefits after a successful butt implant surgery. The buttock augmentation with implants is one of the most efficiently cogent interventions that can exceptionally and amazingly give you a shapelier buttock profile.

It is a fact that there are plenty of women out there who are still struggling to embrace and enjoy their femininity because they are grappling with body issues that makes them feel anxious, insecure and frustrated. That said, deciding to undergo plastic surgery is still a personal and difficult decision to make. It needs careful thought and consideration. Still, there have been numerous studies and literature delving on the eviscerating effects of physical issues on quality of life and self esteem. Visible and obvious imperfections can instill negative feelings, foster low self-image and affect confidence. If you have flat buttocks that makes your body look too box-like or you have loose, saggy ones that look just as bad dressed, as it does bare, acquiring a rounded, shapelier and uplifted buttock through buttock augmentation with implants, can be a great confidence booster. Most of our patients claim they felt sexier and more desirable than they ever did before and they got complimented more frequently.

When is it time to consider butt implants?

When your favorite skirt or pants no longer perfectly fit your curves, or you avoid the pool or beach because you feel that a swimming suit just highlights your underdeveloped butt, then the answer for you is NOW.

There are patients who waited years before scheduling an appointment to see if they were good candidates for the butt implants surgery and then eventually declaring they had been missing out on life for so many years before the surgery.

Seriously, when it comes to correcting a body imperfection that is making you feel uncomfortable, there is no better time than the present time.

You should consider butt implants if:

– You have butt asymmetries or other defects either from birth or acquired after a trauma or accident;

– You butt is small compared to the rest of your body;

– You have flat buttocks that lack projection;

– You lost a lot of weight, and you want to redefine the shape of your buttocks too.

Buttock augmentation surgery has been steadily rising in popularity as more and more women began taking proactive steps to address body issues that affected their overall wellbeing and quality of life.

When choosing a plastic surgeon to perform your surgery, it is important that you consider the quality of the implants being proposed, the education, certification, training and experience of the surgeon in performing buttock augmentation. These, basically determines the success of the surgery, so do not compromise when it comes to these two factors.

The buttock augmentation procedure should only be performed with top quality implants to get desired results in the shortest time possible and to preclude risks and possible unwanted complications or unsightly scars.

Our next-gen technology, our professionalism and perfectionism, are the reasons for our long line of happy and satisfied patients who enjoy the amazing and beneficial results after surgery.

If you are wondering if now is the best time to consider getting butt implants, we can tell you to set those doubts aside. Your happiness and self-image are important for your success in your personal and professional life. You deserve the best and if quality of life is in the equation, better to do sooner than later.

More about buttock augmentation

Have you ever thought that the big buttock would be as fashionable as it is now? Truth be told, big buttocks have long been symbols of beauty and fertility notwithstanding the lean and angular look of supermodels we see on catwalks. The rise of pop icons with big, toned and rounded booties made big butts en vogue again. Jennifer Lopez, famous for her perky behind, along with Kim Kardashian and her sisters, Nicki Minaj and so many other celebrities nowadays have redefined the butt. Just look at them in a bodycon dress and you will understand why so many women desperately want to improve the shape and size of their derrieres. I do not exaggerate when I say a lot of women undergo the buttock augmentation with gluteal implants surgery every single day.

Butt implants are typically round or anatomically shaped and come in various sizes starting from 250 cl. During the initial consultation with your plastic surgeon, he will recommend the size and shape of implant that best fits your size, and you can honestly discuss with him the shape and size you want to achieve. Just like any surgery, the surgeon will get your full medical history including allergies, your past and current medications, assess the quality of your skin and get other relevant personal details like your profession.

There are two popular approaches for buttock augmentation, to wit: gluteal implants and autologous fat transfer to the butt. Many patients tend to think that there are no major differences between the two procedures and they can choose the one they feel more comfortable with. The reality is that the surgical plan and the procedure will be recommended by the plastic surgeon and not decided on before even seeing the doctor.

It bears pointing out that while autologous fat transfer to the buttocks is a very effective buttock augmentation procedure, the patient needs to have excess, localized fat deposits in other areas of the body such as the abdomen, flanks, and thighs, upper or lower back in order to be eligible for the transfer. If the patient has a thin frame with few fat deposits, the fat transfer to the buttocks cannot be considered or performed.

The butt implants provide a more impressive projection when compared to the fat transfer to the buttocks and the results of the surgery are more permanent since there are no fats that can be reabsorbed by the body. On top of that, results will not be greatly affected in case of weight loss or gain vis-a-vis a fat transfer method.


You should consider getting butt implants if you have small, loose, sagging or flat butt, don’t look good or feel good about your buttock profile, have visible butt asymmetries that creates negative feelings and low self-esteem. These are physical imperfections that can easily be corrected by surgery and if it means better quality of life for you, then by all means, be proactive and do it!

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