When to have breasts and butt surgery

When to have breasts and butt surgery

10th Dec 2019


The demand for plastic surgery has seen a considerable increase in the last decade, and there are many reasons behind this fact. The substances we use for anesthesia are safer than ever, the procedures deliver more natural and impressive results, and the risks associated with the procedures are minimal, especially when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon in an accredited medical facility. 

The first step towards getting the physical improvement you have always wanted is to schedule a consultation with the plastic surgeon of your choice. During this initial meeting with the doctor, many things and aspects of the procedure will be discussed, and your candidacy will also be evaluated. During this consultation, many patients discuss their desire to have multiple procedures performed, such as breast and butt enhancement surgery. This is a common request nowadays as patients know it is better and more affordable to undergo combined procedures than to have different features of the body corrected at different times. While there are numerous reasons why combined surgery is a good idea in a vast majority of cases, butt and breast procedures shouldn’t be performed in the same operation, especially if we are talking about fat grafting or implant procedures. 

If the patient wants to know when to have breast and butt surgery, my advice is to wait a minimum of six months between the procedures, if not more. The procedure to be performed the first should be the one that the patient desires the most. For example, breast surgery is better to be performed when the patient is done having children. In this case, butt surgery can be performed first and the breasts scheduled later on. If the patient is more concerned and struggles with the underdeveloped size of the breasts, the recommendation might be to get the breast implants first and consider the butt procedure six months to a year afterwards. 

For patients desiring to see an overall improvement in the body by undergoing both procedures, it is important to mention that the procedures can be scheduled earlier. For example, three months in between can be enough in some cases. Ultimately, it depends on how the recovery process is going and the desires of the patient. Some patients might find it difficult to take time off from work twice in a year for the recovery process, so they prefer to schedule a procedure once a year. Keep in mind that after each procedure, you will need to take at least two weeks off from work or even more if your job responsibilities include physically demanding tasks. 

If you are wondering when to have breast and butt surgery, discuss this issue with the plastic surgeon as he will be able to advise you depending on your particular circumstances. 

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