When to remove breast implants

When to remove breast implants

27th Oct 2017

Having beautiful breasts is the desire of almost every woman. Fifty years ago when silicone breast implants made its debut, the demand was at its peak. There is no doubt that prominent, perky, and enhanced breasts play a powerful part in defining the beauty of a woman. This is why many women go under the knife to enhance their breasts.

It is now almost half a century since breast implants have become popular in the US and across the world. Breast implants boast a good history when it comes to results and safety. However, implants are prosthetic devices and there are times when some patients are required to have them removed or replaced.

There are a number of reasons why removing or replacing a breast implant becomes necessary. The most common reasons include problems like implant rupture, rippling, capsular contracture, and infection. There are also cases whereby the patients become dissatisfied with the implants or the aesthetic outcomes delivered by the implants and want them removed.

The silicone breast implant

The silicone breast implant comprises of a silicone shell pre-filled with silicone gel. The implant comes in a number of sizes and shapes for you to choose from, but the plastic surgeon will recommend the best implant for you after examining your anatomy, chest dimensions, and asking about your aesthetic expectations.

What size of implant you will get depends on your anatomy and chest dimensions such as the cavity and thorax. The plastic surgeon will either place the implant in a pocket under or above the breast muscle. Placement of the implant under the breast muscle is preferred, as the implant gets wider tissue coverage and prevents it from migrating. The breast muscles can easily stretch in this position and can fully house the implant. Furthermore, the scars left by the surgery will be concealed in the crinkle.

While large breast implants can provide a deep and prominent cleavage, there are certain cons associated with large implants, including increased risk of rippling, bottoming out, and rupture. Large implants can give you a good appearance only when you are dressed up. Even a swimsuit can camouflage implant rippling. However, the irregularity and contour of the large breast implants can be visible on the edges of the breasts when the woman is completely naked.

Removing breast implants for aesthetic reasons

A large number of celebrities have already undergone breast augmentation surgery. However, some of them remove the implants some months or years afterwards as getting very large breast implants comes with a lot of aesthetic and health complications.

Very large breast implants can make your breasts appear unnatural. People can easily spot and know you have them, as your breasts will not complement your overall figure. A breast size that does not suit your overall body size and shape will not appear as part of your body; rather, it will appear as a separate entity hanging from your body. This can negatively affect your aesthetic appearance and be very embarrassing.

In addition, very large breasts can exert weight and pressure on your spine, which can change your position and trigger pain in your neck, back, and shoulders. This holds particularly true when your body makeup is not balanced.

Having breast implants which go beyond your anatomy can create a lot of aesthetic and physical issues for you, and chances are your doctor would recommend you to have the implants removed or replaced with more fitting ones.

Removal due to surgery complication

Breast implants are prosthetic devices without lifetime warranties. While silicone products last longer, they cannot last a lifetime. However, the good news is that manufacturers of silicone breast implants guarantee free replacement of their implants if they rupture. Research indicates that majority of patients would need to remove and replace them after ten years.


Most patients require the removal of silicone implants, as bodily changes such as breast sagging, loss of skin elasticity, weight changes, pregnancy, hormonal changes and other similar factors gradually affect the look of the implants. Majority of patients remove and replace breast implants for aesthetic reasons. In very rare cases, health complications or implant ruptures lead to the removal of breast implants.

Some patients decide to keep the implants in their bodies for longer. This increases the likelihood that the patients may need to undergo revision surgeries down the road in order to change the position or volume of the implants. Some complications that may compel the patient to remove and replace the implants include capsular contracture, implant rupture, rippling, and infection.

Capsular contracture is found to be a common cause for implant removal. This condition can happen even several years after getting the implants. It occurs when the scar tissue that normally develops around the implant starts to contract and squeeze the implant, creating physical and aesthetic problems for the patient.

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