When to schedule breast augmentation after childbirth

When to schedule breast augmentation after childbirth

07th Aug 2019

When to schedule breast augmentation after childbirth


One of the factors that have a significant influence on how the breasts look is pregnancy. Women who have had multiple pregnancies know that the appearance of the breasts will never the same as before when the breastfeeding stops. Some tend to blame the unsightly appearance of the breasts on breastfeeding itself, but the reality is that the breasts go through major transformations before childbirth. During pregnancy, the breasts can change a lot, both in terms of consistency, sensitivity, and even volume. The changes are caused by the hormonal fluctuations and also preparation for lactation. Before lactation starts and during breastfeeding, the breasts can increase their volume considerably due to milk production.

Many women who noticed that their breasts don’t look the same as before might notice that their breasts have become saggy and hanging low on the chest wall or with an empty bag appearance. Naturally, any such woman would want to undergo a procedure to restore the beautiful appearance of her breasts. The procedure recommended to make the breasts perky and youthful again is actually the breast lift, not breast augmentation. However, there are cases when breast augmentation is recommended after childbirth. This happens when the patient is not confronted with a significant level of breast sagginess, but the breasts have little volume and poor shape.

Women want to undergo breast augmentation surgery after childbirth because they have experienced how it looks and feels like to have larger breasts when pregnant and while breastfeeding and now they want their breasts to be bigger all the time. 

A normal question that we hear from women interested in undergoing this procedure is when to schedule breast augmentation after childbirth. Some patients tend to believe that with childbirth we mark an important stage in the development of the breasts, but the reality is that the changes that affect the breasts don’t stop after childbirth, but after breastfeeding stops. The general recommendation is not to schedule procedures on the breast for a minimum of six months after breastfeeding. The breasts will need a bit of time to try to get back to the size and shape they were before pregnancy. Undergoing plastic surgery while the breasts haven’t stabilized their size and shape is unwise in terms of the final results that could be affected over time. 

A responsible plastic surgeon will tell you to schedule breast augmentation six months to a year after breastfeeding and when you know for sure that you don’t plan to get pregnant again in the future. Most procedures performed on the breasts should be scheduled when the patient doesn’t plan on ulterior pregnancies as the aesthetic results achieved might be altered because of the changes that naturally occur on the breasts during pregnancy. 

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