When to sit down after a brazilian butt lift

When to sit down after a brazilian butt lift

26th Aug 2019


The Brazilian butt lift is the procedure performed nowadays for patients with an excess of fat in the abdominal area who want to enhance the appearance of the buttocks and improve their shape. To be eligible for the BBL, the patient should have an excess of adipose tissue on one or multiple areas of the body that can be targeted with liposuction. Often these areas are the flanks and the abdominal wall that have a tendency to develop fat deposits. The Brazilian butt lift is an all-natural method to achieve a moderate butt augmentation and a nice lifting effect without resorting to external prostheses such as buttock implants. The results achieved are natural, easy to sustain over time, and durable if the patient is committed to following the recommendations of the plastic surgeon.

It is important to know that there is a list of post-operative instructions that can make all the difference between getting satisfactory results or not. Today, we will discuss when to sit down after a Brazilian butt lift, but first, let’s see how the procedure is performed.

When the BBL is performed, the plastic surgeon takes fat from the donor areas mentioned above, purifies it through a centrifugation process, and transfers it to the buttocks. The fat is injected into the buttocks in different areas and in small quantities so it can easily be grafted and develop a blood network that will provide nutrition. But not all the fat that was transferred into the buttocks to create the lifting effect will survive the first few months post-op. Up to 30% of the fat grafted or more will be reabsorbed by the body while the rest will remain in the area and start behaving like the fat cells that were initially in the buttocks. To ensure the majority of the fat cells transferred survive, the patient is required to avoid sitting down on the buttocks for a minimum of three weeks. During this time, sleeping on the back is also strictly contraindicated. 

Does this mean that after three weeks you can resume sitting and lying down as before? Not really. Generally speaking, during the first three weeks, any amount of pressure on the buttocks can lead to the death of the fat cells that were grafted, so it is contraindicated to sit or lie on them. After the first three weeks and for at least the same amount of time, you can sit using a pillow under the hamstrings and lie down also using pillows. It is important to use a special pillow for as long as possible as this is how you increase your chances of getting spectacular results after the procedure. Not following this instruction can result in asymmetries of the buttocks or the death of a vast majority of the fat transferred. 

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