When will i see the final results after breast lift surgery?

When will i see the final results after breast lift surgery?

06th Mar 2018

Breast lift surgery is performed on patients suffering breast sagginess. Breast ptosis can occur due to many causes, and the breasts start hanging low on the chest wall. The shape of the breasts can also be affected, as well as their position on the thorax. Because of the sagginess, women can find it difficult to find the right type of clothes to wear, and they can be uncomfortable not wearing any bra, especially in the presence of others. If the sagginess is severe and the breasts are on the large side, chances are the patient will also develop skin condition on the inframammary fold due to the lack of proper oxygenation in the area.

The breast lift surgery is also known under the name of mastopexy and is a plastic surgery procedure commonly performed nowadays. Because breast ptosis can occur at any age (even teenage years if the patient has voluminous breasts), there are many women in their 40s who choose to undergo the procedure. These patients often want to know when they will see the final results of the procedure and how sustainable the results are.

The breast lift surgery can require one and up to three incisions, depending on the severity of the ptosis. Immediately after the procedure, the patient will notice that the breasts are no longer saggy; however, it will take a while for the final results to transpire.

The first two weeks after the procedure is the recovery period. During this time the patient will probably experience pain and discomfort, and the breasts will be swollen and bruised. These effects that occur naturally after surgery will subside over the course of the next few weeks. After the first two months, the patient can stop wearing the special post-op bra used for compression and support and in a vast majority of cases, all the inflammation and bruising will have disappeared. However, the appearance of the surgical incision might not be too pleasant to look at.

The appearance of the incisions is an important part of the success of breast lift surgery because bad scarring can alter an otherwise spectacular result. The scars will take up to a year or more to get to their final appearance. During this time, they will change colors from purplish red to a color similar to the surrounding tissue. If the procedure is a success, the scars will look like thin, fine lines.

Because it takes so long for the scars to mature and heal, the final result of the breast lift surgery should be assessed after at least a year from the date of the surgery. Of course, the breasts will have an elevated and firm appearance immediately after surgery. To sustain the results of the breast lift, it is recommended to never exercise without proper support (a good quality sports bra) and to wear a bra that is in the right size.

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