When will the final results transpire after mastopexy?

When will the final results transpire after mastopexy?

16th Jul 2019


After many procedures that are performed on the body, the final results are not visible immediately. This also depends on how complex the procedure is and which tissues of the body were treated with the procedure. When it comes to the breast lift, also known under the name of mastopexy, it can take up to nine or even twelve months for the final results to transpire, especially if the breast ptosis is severe.

Depending on the severity of the breast ptosis, the plastic surgeon will need to make one or multiple incisions on the breasts. The healing process depends on the cicatrization of these incisions, and this process can last up to one year after the procedure. The incisions will go through different stages of healing, and they might look red or swollen even weeks or months after the procedure and this affects the aesthetics of the breasts. 

Generally speaking, the breasts are swollen and bruised after the breast lift, but also high on the chest wall and looking perky. There are dressings applied, and a compression bra should be worn at all times for a couple of weeks to help decrease swelling. This means that the patient won’t be able to see how the breasts will look because of the swelling and bruising. These side effects that are normal and natural can affect the breasts for a few weeks or even up to a few months. They don’t require additional treatment as they will subside on their own, but the patient needs to be patient. Even after the swelling and the bruising have disappeared, we can’t evaluate the final results because of the cicatrization process that is still in progress.

To make sure you don’t experience complications or bad scarring, it is important to go to the follow-up consultations to allow the plastic surgeon to evaluate your healing process. 

The breast lift is a complex surgery. It requires a recovery period of about two weeks, followed by another few weeks or months during which the side effects will subside and then more months until the scars are healed and matured. It is important to follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon for post-operative care and not to be in a hurry to assess the results before a year has passed. If you fear that the procedure was not successful and the results achieved are not the ones you desired, you can ask for a second opinion or have a conversation with the plastic surgeon about this, but usually, the recommendation is to wait at least six months after the procedure.

The final results will transpire a year after the procedure, but you can enjoy perkier and fuller breasts immediately after the surgery. 

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