13th Sep 2016

WORK AFTER LIPOSUCTIONIf you have a desk job, you can return to work a few days after the liposuction procedure.It has been noted that most patients see a significant reduction in swelling and pain five or six days after the procedure, so they are able to resume work.

Most plastic surgeons agree that there is no limitation on physical activity in the long run after liposuction. You can do normal activities without any worries from week three onwards after the procedure. However, some liposuction patients may experience inflammation for an extended period and more intensely than others. If you have ultrasonic-assisted liposuction,you may experience soreness at the surgical site for a longer period, which can hinder your work routine.

If the incisions have not been stitched, and an open drainage is left for residual fluids and blood to flow out of the surgical wound, swelling can be considerably decreased within four weeks after the procedure. This time period can be further reduced if you wear proper compression garments for at least one week. However, when the cuts are stitched, the remaining blood and liquids will accumulate in the surgical wound, triggering intense and extended inflammation,which may keep you from work for a longer period.

As common sense suggests, you should not remain confined to bed after the liposuction procedure. You have a work life to resume, and you should do so without any worries within a week after the procedure. Returning to normal activity will also help prevent blood clot formation. However, it is important to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions even at work.

Studies suggest that most liposuction patients are able to resume work within three to four days after the procedure. Even though bruising, inflammation, and discomfort may hinder your performance at work somewhat, you should be able to sit at your desk and work on a computer..

It is also vital for liposuction candidates to understand that the larger the region treated with the procedure, the higher the chance of inflammation, and the longer it will take to resume work. If liposuction has been performed in only one area, you may resume work within two days with the approval of your doctor.

The good news is that innovations in liposuction and development of innovative procedures,technologies and tools have expedited the post-liposuction recovery period. Now patients experience less inflammation, fewer incisions, and less tenderness as a result of liposuction,meaning that you can resume work earlier than in the past. Your ability to resume work also depends on the experience and expertise of your plastic surgeon; if an experienced and competent surgeon has conducted your liposuction, you may recover faster and resume work earlier.


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