When you know your breasts are too large

When you know your breasts are too large

08th Sep 2021

Modern beauty standards are ever-changing and different from country to country, but almost everywhere, big, round, perky breasts are a symbol of femininity and sex appeal. This is why more and more women undergo breast augmentation surgery every year with the desire to get the breasts of their dreams. However, women who have been naturally blessed with big breasts don’t always consider themselves fortunate. When the volume of the breasts is excessive, it can lead to back, neck, and shoulder pain, not to mention other discomforts in day-to-day life.

Finding clothes and supportive underwear for overly large breasts can also be a struggle, and many women confronted with this issue often have two choices: either baggy clothes in a very large size that will hide the breasts and accentuate the disproportion between the features of the body even more, or very tight clothes that will emphasize the breasts even more. 

If you know that when you enter a room, people first acknowledge your breasts and your face only after, chances are your breasts are too large. Some women might be okay with this and even find it desirable, but others will be mortified and will be desperate to hide their breasts and make them as less visible as possible. For women in the second category, there is just one optimal solution, and it is called breast reduction surgery. 

If you are struggling to perform even simple physical exercises or engage in sports, chances are you could benefit from breast reduction surgery. 

Some women start suffering due to the overdevelopment of the mammary gland during menopause. This could lead to even more discomforts and unpleasantries and significant pain in the breasts. Once again, the only solution to get relief from these discomforts is to undergo breast reduction surgery.

Your breasts are too large if your bra leaves deep indentation marks on your shoulders. This means that the bra is not supportive enough and it should have wider straps to offer better support.

Beast reduction surgery is the procedure performed to help women whose breasts are too large. A pre-operative consultation will be scheduled to assess candidacy and to see if there are any contraindication. The patient will be asked to take some more tests, including breast echography, blood tests, and a meeting will be scheduled with the anesthetist as well.

Patients are advised to prepare well in advance and to carefully follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon for the post-operative period as in this way we avoid complications and ensure good results emerge. 

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