Where is breast enhancement surgery performed?

Where is breast enhancement surgery performed?

09th Feb 2018

Breast enhancement procedure is a major operation. It involves the use of anesthesia and is invasive. Like other surgical interventions, breast enhancement involves risks and complications. As such, the procedure must be performed in a surgical facility or hospital that is equipped with all the required equipment and professional staff.

In the United States, breast enhancement surgery must be performed in an accredited surgical facility. An accredited facility goes through an extremely tough review before being accredited for performing surgeries. In my practice, I prefer to operate only in my accredited surgical facility. In some cases, the use of hospital facilities may be necessary. However, hospitals may delay your operation due to emergencies or other similar reasons. Also, the risk of infection is higher in hospitals.

An accredited surgical facility means the facility is meeting the high standards concerning the equipment, staff, OR safety, and surgical credentials. Board-certified plastic surgeons always prefer to perform in accredited surgical facilities, be it an ambulatory facility or their office. They never take even a minor chance on the health and safety of their patients. Accredited surgical facilities in the US have an impressive history of safety and high standards. Moreover, accredited surgical facilities in the US are properly documented and are required to submit reports to the accrediting body.

When you choose to have your breast enhancement surgery performed in an accredited facility, it means you will be exposed to a lower risk of complications. The good news is that the cost of accredited facilities is not considerably higher. If there is an emergency during the surgery or recovery period, the facility will manage it effectively and ensure your safety by using the SOPs, equipment, and precautionary measures. The facilities always have a contingency plan in place that is executed immediately when a problem arises during surgery.

Keep in mind that surgical facility accreditation is a crucial thing and taken very seriously in the US. Many agencies are involved in the accreditation process to reduce the risks. They are routinely inspected by the accrediting agency’s inspectors and are compelled to meet the rigorous standards and follow the guidelines.

Unfortunately, there are many practitioners who perform breast enhancement and other plastic surgery procedures in private apartments or hotel rooms. If someone tells you that your surgery will be performed in such a place, you must deny undergoing the operation because it indicates you are being scammed.

Many people on the black market are promising patients that they would get amazing breasts at a considerably lower cost. Such people perform surgery in hotel rooms and private apartments. They use illegal and dangerous injections to enhance the breasts, which can lead to death and permanent disability. You must always make sure your plastic surgeon is board-certified and your surgeon is scheduled to be performed in an accredited surgical facility.

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