Where is the hip located

Where is the hip located

11th Mar 2017

Where-is-the-hip-locatedLike buttocks shape that we discussed before, there are different hips shapes. People can have an hourglass shape. They can have indentations in the middle which is like a H- shape, and they can have a very excessive hip resulting in an round shape. They can also have a square shape and many others including those that they have different areas of projection and deficiency. The hip is an anatomical area that the patient gets confused. It seems the patients coming to my clinic where they do not want have fat transfer to the hips because they believe they have a shape that is wide enough and round enough. One of the most common areas that are confused is the origin of the thigh, which is very different from the hip. As a matter of fact, the thigh starts where the hips ends. Some patients have a very small waist with nice thigh, which gives the impression that they have nice hip, but that is not the hip. The hips starts at the level of the hip bone. The hip bone you can actually touch on the most inferior lateral aspect of your abdomen, meaning on the sides of the abdomen. The hip bone then extends both up and down and the soft tissue starts at the beginning of the hip bone and ends at the beginning of the thigh, creating a curvature that provides an hourglass shape. When fat is injected in the hip, it is important to determine what type of hip bones you have and for you to understand exactly where the hip is going to be located. If you inject too much fat at the top, then you going to have high hips, which some patients like. But for the most part, the highest point of projection for the hips is at the level where we draw a line between the thigh groin junctions. This is a good landmark to determine the point of maximal projection where most of the fat needs to be located. It is extremely important to understand the anatomy of the hip and where it starts, because many times the hip needs to be blended with the thigh, and the thigh with the leg.

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