Which body areas are used as fat donor sites for the brazilian butt lift?

Which body areas are used as fat donor sites for the brazilian butt lift?

26th Feb 2018

The Brazilian butt lift procedure entails a combination of two different plastic surgery methods: liposuction and fat transfer. To perform this procedure that will result in a firmer, rounder and better-looking butt, the plastic surgeon will start with liposuction. The fat harvested during liposuction goes through a purification process that eliminates the damaged fat cells as well as blood and other impurities. The healthy fat cells are then transplanted to the buttocks with the help of special syringes.

Once the fat cells have been grafted and they have been integrated into the buttocks, they start functioning just like the rest of the fat cells in the body. This means that they will increase or reduce their size depending on the weight fluctuations of the patient.

During the consultation for the Brazilian butt lift, the plastic surgeon will mention all the details of the procedure, including the risks, limitations and the results to be expected. Measurements will be made and the donor areas will be decided.

Many patients ask which body areas are used commonly as donor sites for the Brazilian butt lift. Because the procedure aims to contour the body and also lift and increase the size of the buttocks, the plastic surgeon will pay special attention to the donor areas. The areas that are often considered are the abdomen, flanks, and thighs. By addressing the fat deposits in these areas, the surgeon aims to remodel the midline of the patient to get a smaller waist and beautiful curves. By targeting the thighs and reducing the thickness of the adipose layer, the buttocks will look even more appealing.

For some patients, the surgeon might recommend other areas to be donors for the fat transfer, depending on the amount of excess fat that can be found on the abdomen and thighs and also the results the patient wants to achieve. In some cases, the surgeon will also perform liposuction on the lower and upper part of the back.

The results of the Brazilian butt lift are highly dependent on the amount of fat that the surgeon can collect from the donor areas. This means that if enough fat can be collected just from the middle area, then other areas might not be targeted with liposuction. However, if the patient doesn’t have enough fat on the abdomen and the flanks, other areas will be targeted. Keep in mind that when the Brazilian butt lift is performed, it is a sort of an overcorrection of the buttocks. This means that the plastic surgeon will actually inject a larger quantity of fat than required as up to 30% of the fat grafted will be reabsorbed by the body in the first two to three months following the intervention.

If you want other areas of the body to be treated as donor areas for the Brazilian butt lift, discuss this with the plastic surgeon during the initial consultation.

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