Which breast implant type give a more natural appearance?

Which breast implant type give a more natural appearance?

06th Feb 2020

Which breast implant type give a more natural appearance?


The breasts of your dreams are just one plastic surgery away. Nowadays more and more women resort to plastic surgery to get rid of the emotional complexes of having small breasts. However, it can take quite some time to make the decisions required to undergo the procedure. There are many things that the patient needs to discuss with the plastic surgeon before scheduling breast implant surgery such as the type of implants to be used, the location of the incisions, and the placement of the implants. 

The result achieved with breast augmentation with implants is highly dependent on the type of implants used. Nowadays there is a multitude of implants that are different in terms of contents, surface, volume, consistency, and shape. Depending on your anatomy, the condition of the tissues of the breasts, and your aesthetic goals, the plastic surgeon will recommend one type of implant over the other.

A question I often hear in my practice is about the type of implant that gives a more natural appearance. Many patients want to achieve results that look and feel completely natural. Generally speaking, saline solution implants are only recommended for patients who have a little more breast tissue as they need to be well covered. Otherwise, a complication called the rippling of the implants can occur. The rippling of the implants is characterized by the unnatural look of the breasts caused by the visibility of the implants. This complication requires an additional procedure to correct it, and it is more likely to occur when saline solution implants are used. Saline solution implants have the benefit of requiring a smaller incision for their insertion into the breasts as the plastic surgeon only needs to introduce the empty shell of the implant through the incisions. Once inside the breasts and in their pockets, the implants are filled with saline solution with the help of a syringe. But because of this, they can be underfilled or overfilled and create the rippling effect.

I often advise my patients to choose silicone implants that are softer and very similar to the natural breast tissue to the touch. The latest generation of silicone implants are of a high quality and very safe for the patient, so there is nothing to worry about. The silicone implants are made out of a highly cohesive silicone gel and come in a round or anatomical shape. Silicone implants also have different profiles that ensure the desired amount of projection in the breasts. Round implants are desirable for women who want that special fullness of the upper pole while women who want a completely natural looking result tend to choose anatomically shaped implants.

Different patients are interested in achieving different results, so make sure to discuss your aesthetic goals and expectations in detail with the plastic surgeon.


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