Which time is best to get a breast reduction?

Which time is best to get a breast reduction?

31st Mar 2018

Many women confronted with overly large breasts are interested in undergoing the breast reduction procedure but don’t know which time would be best to do it. When it comes to scheduling breast reduction surgery, there are several important factors that should be considered:

Development of the mammary gland

Before anything else, to be eligible for the breast reduction procedure you should have a completely developed mammary gland. This means the breasts have stopped growing and the development process is complete. Generally, the development of the mammary gland stops for most women when they reach 18 years old; however, many teenagers will notice that their breasts have stopped growing when they were 16 or even 14 years old. The general recommendation is not to schedule breast reduction surgery until the mammary gland is fully developed. However, there are different cases to consider here. For example, if a young woman is struggling with excessively large breasts that are posing a real problem for her wellbeing or health (e.g. abnormal body position, spine deformations), the plastic surgeon’s recommendation might be to undergo the procedure as soon as possible in order to prevent further complications.

If the patient undergoes a breast reduction procedure while the breasts are still growing, the breasts may still increase their size after the procedure.

Medication and treatment

The best time to get a breast reduction is when you can stop medication or treatment that you are taking for a health condition. Nowadays, the procedure can be performed successfully even on patients who have different health conditions, but in most cases, the treatment should be stopped or changed before the surgery and resumed later, according to the plastic surgeon or doctor’s orders. In other words, you can schedule breast reduction only after making sure that your current medication is not contraindicated for the surgery or if you can stop it for the required amount of time. Even treatment with birth control pills and other natural supplements should be ceased for at least two weeks before the procedure is scheduled.

Time off from work or school

The best time to get a breast reduction is when you can take at least two weeks off from work or school to recover after the procedure. The surgery is a complex intervention that will require the patient to take time off from daily responsibilities and resume them gradually over the next two weeks. If taking two weeks off work is not possible, it means this is not the best time to get a breast reduction.

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