Who are the patients resorting to plastic surgery?

Who are the patients resorting to plastic surgery?

23rd May 2019

Who are the patients resorting to plastic surgery?



When it comes to plastic surgery, nowadays there are different types of patients interested in undergoing these procedures. Starting from an early age and up until very late in life, plastic surgery can improve the quality of life for the patient, provide relief from emotional or physical discomfort, and increase self-esteem. If up until a few years ago patients resorting to plastic surgery were mostly the rich or famous, now we have patients coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

In this article, we will discuss who are the patients resorting to plastic surgery and eligibility criteria to have a procedure performed.


Eligibility criteria to undergo plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is or should only be performed on patients who don’t suffer from severe or chronic conditions. In other words, this field of surgery targets healthy patients who also have a normal weight and a stable emotional condition. Plastic surgery is not meant for patients who want to lose weight or who are depressed or suffering from other mental conditions. The procedures involve risks and complications as well as many benefits, and the patient should be able to weigh them all in very carefully before scheduling plastic surgery.

Severe conditions of the blood, heart, and lungs can deem the patient ineligible to undergo the procedure, but other afflictions such as diabetes, for example, is no longer a contraindication for plastic surgery. However, it is important to understand the need to discuss your medical history and current medication and allergies with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation for the plastic surgery procedure you want to undergo. An experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon will be able to find solutions to help you get the best results possible with the minimum amount of risks involved.

Another eligibility criterion to undergo plastic surgery is the commitment to sustain the results and follow through with the recommendations of the plastic surgeon. Most procedures would deliver results that we can consider permanent, up to a certain point. However, it is essential to understand that even permanent results can be affected by factors that have considerable influence on the appearance of the body such as an ulterior pregnancy and weight fluctuations, among others.


Categories of patients who resort to plastic surgery

  1.    Patients who want to correct an imperfection or defect

Nowadays it can take no longer than half an hour to correct an imperfection or congenital defect that could have led to years of bullying or emotional discomfort if left untreated. Many parents decide to resort to plastic surgery on their children to correct visible imperfections even before they start school so they can have normal development.

In this category, we can also mention men with enlarged breasts who want to get rid of the feminine-looking appearance of their breasts and undergo gynecomasty, as well as women with overly large breasts who find it difficult to perform certain tasks. Correcting an imperfection or a congenital defect with the help of plastic surgery often means an improved quality of life for the patient, increased self-esteem, and a better self-image.


  1.    Patients who want to sustain a youthful appearance

A youthful appearance is nowadays a synonym for being fit and with vitality, and this is probably the reason why we are all on a quest for eternal youth. Of course, plastic surgery can’t provide this, but it can be used to erase the signs of aging and also to delay the natural aging process. Procedures such as liposuction, fat transfer, and breast lift are often performed on patients who want to sustain a youthful appearance for longer. The patients in this category are often people over a certain age. Usually, we are talking about people in their 40s or 50s who are active in the professional market, started a new family, or have suffered a disappointment in love recently.


  1.    Patients who want to improve the appearance of one or multiple areas of the body

With plastic surgery being so affordable and accessible nowadays, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many people want to improve the appearance of one or multiple areas of the body. For example, we have women from all over the world who want to get bigger breasts that are more in line with the rest of their features. Here we can also talk about the big booty that has been a major trend over the last few years. It is only natural to try to look your best and improve the appearance of different features of the body that will make you happy and proud. The patients in this category often suffer from emotional complexes developed as a result of not having a feature as they desire, such as having breasts that are too small.


  1.    Patients who want to change the appearance of their silhouette

A hectic lifestyle or unwise lifestyle choices can change the appearance of the body over time. The same effect can be seen due to aging and other factors. Many patients resorting to plastic surgery want to change or improve the appearance of their silhouette. We are often talking here about rectangular body shapes in women that are not very sexy or appealing, especially when compared to the A shape or the beautiful hourglass shape. Nowadays plastic surgery is more than enhancing the appearance of one area of the body, and there is a special category of patients who want to improve the overall appearance. This is a good idea, especially for patients with an inverted triangle shape or square shape.

Keep in mind that it is only an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon that can deliver good results when it comes to improving the silhouette. These procedures are difficult to perform, and the surgeon needs to have an eye for aesthetics and feminine anatomy but also extensive surgical skills. More often than not, we are talking about a combination of procedures that have the aim of complimenting and improving the shape of the body. Liposuction and fat transfer are performed in combination to change the dynamics and display of fat on the silhouette. This often translates into removing fat from areas such as the abdominal wall and the flanks and transferring it to the hips or even the buttocks, depending on the needs and desires of the patients.


  1.    Patients who had bariatric surgery

A special category of patients resorting to plastic surgery is dedicated to patients of bariatric surgery. Actually, it is not only patients who had surgery to lose weight but also patients who have undergone massive weight loss, whatever the program or procedure they followed. After massive weight loss, the patient discovers that the body lacks the beautiful appeal and that there is considerable skin sagginess, making the contours of the body barely visible. Most patients will choose to have plastic surgery after significant weight loss to get rid of the excess of skin and get a more beautiful contour of the body. These patients will also often need to undergo combined procedures that include body lifts and liposuction.


  1.    Patients who had multiple pregnancies

Plastic surgery for new mothers has been so in demand lately that most experienced plastic surgeons have developed a package of procedures especially for this category. The batch of procedures is called the Mommy Makeover, and it often includes a tummy tuck, liposuction and a procedure on the breasts, generally a breast lift or a breast lift with implants. The changes that affect the body during pregnancy are unlikely to be reversed after the baby is born and this leaves new mothers with an unsightly appearance of the body, despite losing the baby weight. Plastic surgery offers a safe and efficient solution for this in the form of the Mommy Makeover package. The package can be customized depending on the needs of each patient and aims to improve the appearance of the patient considerably.



There are different categories of people resorting to plastic surgery nowadays, such as mothers who had several pregnancies, people who have undergone massive weight loss, patients who want to improve the appearance of the silhouette or just a certain feature of the body, and people who want to correct a visible imperfection or a congenital defect that was having a negative impact on the quality of their lives.

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