Who is a good candidate for butt enhancement procedures?

Who is a good candidate for butt enhancement procedures?

03rd Sep 2021

Butt enhancement procedures are more and more in demand nowadays because they are the only safe and efficient method to get a real augmentation of the rear end. The shape and size of the buttocks are genetically predetermined. Also, lifestyle and other habits can make a big difference in how the buttocks looks, but generally speaking, a small butt can’t be improved with much else aside from plastic surgery. This is the reason why so many bodybuilding and fitness fans have resorted to plastic surgery to correct features of the body that don’t respond well to physical exercises and diets.

To undergo butt enhancement procedures, there are a few criteria that patients need to meet. These criteria are different from procedure to procedure. For example, to be able to undergo fat transfer to the buttocks, it is mandatory for patients to have unwanted deposits of fat in areas of the body that can be addressed with liposuction. In the absence of fat, fat grafting can’t be performed. Fat can only be collected from other areas of the body of the patient. Even if the patient has a twin brother or sister, their fat cells can’t be used for transfer as they will be rejected by the body. 

Butt implant surgery is a suitable option for patients with little fat tissue in their bodies. In some cases when the patient has some fat but not enough for a fat transfer, the plastic surgeon might recommend undergoing a combined procedure such as butt implants with fat grafting.

Good candidates for butt enhancement procedures are people of different ages, both men and women. Patients should be in good health and emotional condition and aware of the results that can be achieved. Having unrealistic expectations can make you ineligible for the procedure you want to pursue. Also, it is important for patients who want to get butt enhancement surgery to have a realistic body image. People suffering from dysmorphic body image won’t be able to achieve good results due to their condition. 

During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will explain the dos and don’ts before and after the procedure. Good candidates are able to prepare as per the surgeon’s recommendations and to follow the post-operative instructions to the letter. 

Preparing is essential to avoid complications during and after the surgery. Patients will be asked to quit smoking at least three weeks before the date of the surgery and also to stop taking birth control medication a month before. Anti-inflammatory medication needs to be stopped two weeks before the procedure, and the same is valid for natural supplements. 

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