Who should not consider a breast lift

Who should not consider a breast lift

16th Sep 2019



The breast lift is a cosmetic procedure that can effectively restore firmer and youthful breasts. Women want their breasts to be perky, firmer, and sensuous. However, as they age, different life events affect the anatomy and aesthetic features of the breasts. One of the common conditions that many women experience is breast sagging. The leading causes of saggy breasts include pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, weight fluctuations, and gravity.

The good news is that the breast lift has a history of delivering effective outcomes. The procedure involves removal of the excess skin and fat from the breasts, making the breasts shapelier, firmer, and perky. However, not all patients can qualify for the breast lift. Below I will discuss as to who should not consider a breast lift and who should consider getting the procedure. 


What does the breast lift treat?

Before explaining who should avoid the breast lift, it is important to tell you as to what problems the breast lift can treat. The breast lift has been developed to address saggy breasts. This procedure makes saggy breasts firmer, perky, and youthful again. 

Women who go through multiple pregnancies and breastfeeding mostly get saggy breasts. During pregnancy, your body experiences hormonal changes, which leads to enlargement of the breasts. After pregnancy, the breasts may decrease in size; however, the skin may not retract to its pre-pregnancy position. This happens mostly due to multiple pregnancies. When the skin fails to go back to its original place due to weakness of the elastin, it causes the breasts to become saggy. Breastfeeding after pregnancy can make the breasts additionally saggy, particularly the nipples that may start pointing downward.

In the same manner, massive weight gain followed by weight loss can also cause the breasts to become saggy. When you gain weight, the fat content in your breasts increase, which enlarges the breasts. And when you lose weight, the fat vanishes but the skin does not retract to its previous place because the weight loss has damaged the elastin. As a result, the breasts become saggy. Aging can further increase the sagginess in your breasts.

No matter what factor has caused your breasts to become saggy, the breast lift can effectively enhance your breasts by making them firmer and tighter again. During the operation, the plastic surgeon will remove the excess skin and fat from your breasts, besides tightening the underlying breast muscles and lifting the nipples to a youthful position. 


Who should not consider the breast lift?

Now that you know what problems the breast lift can treat, you can easily understand as to who should not consider this procedure. Many patients do not know what issues the procedure can address, which is why they want to get the surgery for all the wrong reasons. Even if you’re going to get the breast lift for the right reasons, there are specific requirements that you will be required to meet. Keep in mind that not all patients can qualify for the breast lift. Below are those who should not get the breast lift:


–    Women who want to get bigger breasts

More prominent and fuller breasts look voluptuous, sexy, and aesthetically welcoming. As such, many women who have smaller breasts consider augmenting their breasts. Many of these patients consider getting the breast lift thinking that it can make their breasts bigger. However, the reality is that the breast lift does not augment the breasts. The goal of this procedure is to make saggy breasts firmer and perky. During the operation, the surgeon will remove tissue from your breasts, which may in turn make your breasts smaller. However, there is no doubt that the procedure can restore firmer and perky breasts.

If your breasts are not saggy, you should avoid the breast lift because it is meant to treat saggy breasts. If you want to get bigger breasts, you should consider getting implants instead of the breast lift. 


–    Patients who want to add mild projection to the breasts

There are also many women who want to add shape and mild projection to their breasts. But they mistakenly think that the breast lift can make their breasts projected and shapelier. There is no doubt that the breast lift can improve the contour of your breasts; however, it does not add projection or fullness to your breasts. The breast lift may do the opposite, meaning that it may remove the projection from your breasts by excising the skin and fat. The procedure can, however, make your breasts perky and youthful.

Women who desire to get shapelier and projected breasts should consider getting fat transfer instead of the breast lift. Fat transfer is a popular plastic surgery procedure that uses the excess fat in your body to enhance your breasts. During the procedure, the surgeon will remove the excess fat from different areas of your body through liposuction and then inject the fat in your breasts. As a result, your breasts will get projection and shape. 


–    Women with severe health problems

A patient who wants to get the breast lift is required to meet specific eligibility criteria. One of the most important criteria is that the patient should have good health. Many health issues may keep you from getting the breast lift. Bear in mind that the breast lift is a highly invasive and traumatic operation. It involves incisions and excision of your breast tissue. What this means is that there are risks associated with the surgery and the risks are higher for patients who have severe health problems.

If you are suffering from health complications like a severe form of diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary issues, blood disorder, etc., the risks will be higher for you. In such conditions, you must avoid getting the breast lift. The breast lift is used for cosmetic purposes, and it does not justify taking life-threatening risks. 


–    Patients with unrealistic goals and expectations

Like all cosmetic procedures, the breast lift also requires the patient to have realistic and reasonable goals and expectations. If your goals are unrealistic and unachievable, the plastic surgeon may suggest you to avoid undergoing the breast lift. The surgeon will analyze your goals during the pre-operative consultation. Keep in mind that while the breast lift can effectively restore firmer and youthful breasts, it does not transform you into another person or make you a celebrity. 

Also, the procedure delivers different results to different patients because every patient has a unique body, breast anatomy, and breast dimensions. The results also depend on how the surgery has been performed because there are different surgical techniques to implement the procedure. To be a good candidate, you need to have realistic, reasonable, and achievable aesthetic goals. You must communicate your goals and expectations to the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. 


–    If the patient is unwilling to stop smoking

If you are a smoker, you will be required to stop smoking at least two weeks before the surgery and avoid smoking throughout the recovery period. If you are not ready for this, you should not get a breast lift. The breast lift involves incisions and tissue excision. Smokers are exposed to more risks and delayed healing or poor healing of the incisions after the surgery. This is the reason why the patient is required to stop smoking to qualify for the procedure. 


–    If you are not experiencing self-esteem issues

While many women experience lower self-esteem when their breasts become saggy, there are others who are happy even with their saggy breasts. If you do not have body image or self-esteem issues due to your saggy breasts, then you should not consider getting the breast lift. The procedure is recommended for patients who experience lower self-esteem. The breasts are among the most critical aesthetic areas of the female body, which is why many women with saggy breasts feel embarrassed and feel sorry about their body image. As such, they consider getting the breast lift.



The breast lift is a popular plastic surgery procedure in the United States. Every year, hundreds of thousands of women get this procedure to restore their firmer and youthful breasts. The goal of this procedure is to make saggy breasts firmer and perky again. It does so by removing the excess skin and fat from the breasts and tightening the breast muscles. However, many patients may not qualify for the surgery. In this article, I have discussed the situations under which the patients should not get a breast lift. A board-certified plastic surgeon can best tell you whether you can get the procedure after examining your breasts, assessing your health, and knowing your goals and expectations. 


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