Who will change my dressings after surgery?

Who will change my dressings after surgery?

10th Jan 2019

Who Will Change My Dressings After Surgery?


When it comes to plastic surgery, many patients have a lot of understandable questions that need to be discussed before undergoing the procedure. Considering the fact that plastic surgery is elective, there are things that can be done differently compared to surgeries performed to relieve you from pain or improve your health condition.

Before anything else, patients should know that plastic surgery requires preparation and post-operative care. If you have an accident and require surgery, chances are there will be no preparation from the patient before the procedure and he will only be released from the medical facility when he has recovered.

Plastic surgery doesn’t usually require hospitalization longer than a few hours for many procedures, even if they have been performed with the patient under general anesthesia. This means that the aftercare will happen at home and most of the tasks will be performed by the patient.

Some patients are worried about what will happen once they get home, who will change their dressings, and whether they are allowed to shower or not.

Before being released from the medical facility, the medical staff and plastic surgeon will give you all the instructions about what you need to do during your recovery stage. Moreover, they will demonstrate how to change the dressings and also how often this needs to happen. Even if see the plastic surgeon in the week following the procedure, it is important to check the dressings, change them, and maintain proper hygiene on the surgical site. This will help prevent infections and ensure a smooth healing process.

Some patients don’t want to look at the incision site or how the dressings need to be changed out of discomfort. The incisions can look red and swollen immediately after surgery, but this is not a reason for concern. If you feel that you can’t or don’t want to look at the incision site and change the dressings, make sure to ask a friend or family member to do this for you. Also, make sure the person changing the dressings, be it you or someone else, washes the hands properly with antibacterial soap before touching the dressings and the incision site.

The patient can shower soon after plastic surgery. Just make sure to avoid rubbing or using water that is too hot on the incision site.

It is also important to avoid putting any products or creams when changing the dressings if they are not recommended by the plastic surgeon. Patients read online about miraculous gels that can speed up the healing process. This is not a good idea as it can trigger infections and even delayed wound healing. Discuss this with your plastic surgeon in advance.


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