Why do i need to wear a sports bra after breast augmentation?

Why do i need to wear a sports bra after breast augmentation?

12th Nov 2018

Breast augmentation is performed with the purpose to enhance the size and appearance of the breasts. Many women nowadays resort to this procedure to get the breasts they have always dreamed of. In order to achieve satisfactory results after breast augmentation, there are a few requirements that need to be followed.

Before anything else, the patient needs to make sure that the doctor performing the procedure is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced and plays out this procedure routinely. When choosing a board-certified surgeon, you are assured he knows exactly what the procedure entails, he is able to prevent or avoid potential complications, and is able to deliver the expected results.

Aside from selecting a good plastic surgeon, it is necessary to wear a sports bra or a special post-op bra after a breast augmentation procedure.

After the procedure, you will have dressings on your breasts that need to be changed. Proper hygiene needs to be maintained at the surgical site to prevent infection. Once the dressings come off, your plastic surgeon will advise you to put on a post-op bra or a sports bra and wear it permanently for at least a few weeks or more, depending on how your recovery process is going. The sports bra is actually a compressive bra that can offer the support your new breasts need. This bra keeps the breasts in place and doesn’t allow them to jiggle or move with your every movement of the body.

Shortly after surgery, you will notice a certain level of discomfort and tension on the breasts. Your plastic surgeon will also advise you to avoid big arm movements. This is especially important if your breast implants have been inserted under the pectoral muscle. You might notice that using your arms too much can result in pain on the chest that may only be felt later on in the evenings. A sports bra can reduce the impact that your movements have on your new breasts.

Compression garments are usually mandatory after plastic surgery, and the breast enhancement procedure is no different. Your breasts need support and compression for the first few weeks until they settle into their position and the surgical wounds heal. Not wearing the sports bra after your procedure can impact the aesthetic results achieved.

Moreover, it is recommended to wear a quality sports bra each and every time you exercise or engage in sports if you want your breasts to look good for a longer period of time. Sustaining the results of your breast enhancement procedure is easy if you follow the plastic surgeon’s recommendations.

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