Why do people get addicted to plastic surgery?

Why do people get addicted to plastic surgery?

22nd Nov 2019

Why do people get addicted to plastic surgery?


With the modern developments of medicine, today we can achieve spectacular results on the body using plastic surgery. The results can be completely natural, adjusted to the needs and desires of the patients, and highly customized. You can have a look at ten patients undergoing breast augmentation surgery, and it will be difficult to tell they had the same procedure performed as the results can be completely different from each other and also very natural. 

The long-term consequences of plastic surgery such as scarring is also another aspect that is not so much a concern for patients anymore. The scars are getting smaller and smaller, and often they can be hidden in the natural folds of the body and barely visible to the untrained eye. Moreover, there are some procedures that barely leave any scars behind, such as fat transfer. When these procedures are performed, fat is collected with the help of liposuction from areas of the body with an excess of adipose tissue, and fat is processed and then transferred to the area of the body that could use more volume. It is performed with the help of a liposuction cannula and a special syringe used for grafting the fat cells. This means that incisions no longer than 3 to 4 mm are needed.

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with undergoing plastic surgery nowadays, that is no wonder why people choose to get different procedures to enhance the shape of their body or correct certain features. However, despite the fact that we have plenty of patients undergoing multiple procedures, sometimes even at the same time (breast lift with tummy tuck, tummy tuck with lipo, breast augmentation with lipo, butt implants with fat grafting, etc.), these patients are not the ones considered as addicts to plastic surgery.

Many patients want to know why people get addicted to plastic surgery and they tend to believe it has something to do with the positive effects that these types of procedures can bring to a patient’s life. Undergoing plastic surgery is often associated with getting a boost of self-confidence when the final results transpire. However, this is not what gets people addicted to plastic surgery. An addiction to plastic surgery often manifests into repeated procedures performed on the same area of the body with no strong medical indication behind it. What happens is that these patients try to correct an imperfection that is not really there. Repetitive plastic surgery to correct the same feature of the body is often a result of an emotional condition associated with a dysmorphic body image. The patient sees himself different than the rest and in a result to improve that image, he keeps undergoing plastic surgery.


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