Why do surgeons recommend a healthy lifestyle after plastic surgery?

Why do surgeons recommend a healthy lifestyle after plastic surgery?

26th Jul 2017

Plastic surgery procedures are safe for as long as the patient is physically healthy and under the supervision of a board-certified surgeon. A patient’s lifestyle after surgery determines the recovery period, which is advised by most doctors during consultation. The road to a safe and fast recovery begins by choosing a doctor who is board-certified and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Before your candidacy for surgery can be determined, make sure that the decision to go under the knife is solely yours and not a product of being pressured by anyone else.

These days, most Americans see plastic surgery from a more positive perspective. Celebrities have made the industry popular and thriving, but it is important to know that each patient heals differently. Our bodies respond differently to medication, and some take longer or faster to recover than others.

A healthy lifestyle after surgery is a must to achieve maximum results. These include:

• Nutritional plan

• Proper skin care

• Exercise

• No alcohol or smoking

• No overworking

• Positive mindset

• Proper rest

• Minimal sun exposure

If coming up with your own nutritional program seems like a daunting task, you can always ask your surgeon for help. Remember to watch what you eat. During the recovery period, you will have to avoid certain foods and find substitutes.

A healthy lifestyle is not only beneficial to your body overall; it can directly affect the recovery process. For instance, smoking decreases the amount of oxygen available in the blood. Blood oxygen is vital when it comes to healing wounds. As a result, smokers who undergo surgery normally take more time to recover.

Exercise and a balanced diet also aid in a speedy recovery. However, gaining or losing too much weight after procedures such as liposuction, neck lift and breast augmentation increase the chances of skin sagging or stretching.

Exposing yourself to the sun for long periods after surgery can affect skin elasticity and firmness. The sun’s UV rays can break down essential proteins in the skin and can lead to wrinkles and sagging, especially for patients who have just undergone anti-aging procedures.

Here are some tips to help you jumpstart a healthy lifestyle for a successful recovery after plastic surgery:

• Exercising: This is beneficial to your overall health and will help maintain the results after surgery. Make sure to fully recover first and begin with light exercises, or as per your doctor’s advice.

• Sound sleeping: Proper rest is beneficial to a speedy, stable recovery. Getting the right amount of sleep will reduce the amount of cortisol in the blood and reduce stress.

• Avoid habits: Drinking alcohol and smoking should be avoided after surgery. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your body and improve immunity against infection.

• Eat well: Eating a nutritious, balanced diet helps your skin recover to avoid scarring after surgery.

Plastic surgery should not be considered the easy way out when you neglect your body. Proper diet and exercise is important whether or not you are undergoing surgery, but a healthy lifestyle is especially crucial for a good recovery and to maintain the results you have achieved through surgery. Don’t let your doctor’s efforts and your money go to waste by returning to old, bad habits after surgery.

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