Why implant displacement occurs

Why implant displacement occurs

30th Jan 2017


The breast implant augmentation procedure involves the enlargement of the breasts by introducing a mammary implant that is filled with either silicone gel or saline solution. This is performed through a small incision, in a pocket created behind the mammary gland or the pectoral muscle.

Breast implants have been used in cosmetic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery for the breasts for more than 30 years. The experience we gathered, both from a surgical point of view and through technology of the implants has helped to achieve spectacular results.

As you may know, there are no physical exercises and no hormonal treatments, no magic potions or creams that will have a notable effect on the volume of small breasts. Aside from the surgical method provided through plastic surgery, there is no way that can efficiently impact the consistency of the breasts. This is why the breast augmentation procedure has become one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures, in the United States and around the globe. In the United States alone, approximately one million women undergo breast augmentation each year.

While the breast augmentation surgery becomes more and more popular, it is still important to remember that this procedure can help many women to achieve a better self-image, leading to an improved level of self-esteem.

Indications For Breast Augmentation With Implants

This type of procedure addresses women with breasts that are too small when compared to the rest of their body. The data will be gathered through extensive measurements and calculations in the plastic surgeon’s office. It is also recommended for women with medium size breasts that are sagging as a result of massive weight loss, genetics, multiple pregnancies, or for women who never had fully developed breasts.

Before the surgery, the patient will be carefully examined by the plastic surgeon and everything will be taken into consideration: the size and shape of the body, the dimensions of the breasts and their projection compared to the thorax, as well as the shape, position and the dimensions of the mammary areola. Measurements will be performed, and the doctor will calculate all the data in order to understand correctly and objectively the issues and to be able to decide the surgical strategy necessary to solve them.

If the small volume of the breasts is accompanied by mammary ptosis (sagging of the breasts) to a level that can’t be corrected through implants alone, the excess skin can be also removed through the association of a mastopexy procedure. This is an intervention that can be performed at the same time as the breast augmentation, or in a different setting.

Risks and Complications of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Once the patient makes the decision to undergo breast augmentation with mammary implants, the questions about the risks and complications begin to surface. It is only natural to be interested in both the benefits and the potential side effects of the breast implant surgery. What is important to know is that two of the most common issues that you might encounter are implant displacement and capsular contracture. These are just two of potential complications that can occur after the breast enhancement procedure, and they are specific to this type of surgery. Other unpleasant situations after the breast augmentation intervention can be related to the rupture or deflation of the implants, aside from their migration.

All of these side effects are highly related to the type of implant that the patient and the plastic surgeon have chosen. For example, the specialists are still trying to figure out all the reasons behind the deflation of the saline solution filled breast implants.

While not all the potential risks and complications have known causes or can be avoided, there are things that we know, and we should consider when getting breast implant surgery.

Sports Can Lead to Implant Displacement

The experts have all agreed; for women with breast implants, sports can be dangerous. Due to the ample movements of the arms during strenuous physical activities,t he mammary implants can get displaced. The anatomically shaped implants that have the shape of a tear can capsize, hence changing the shape of the breasts. This is one of the reasons that if you are a sports enthusiast, the plastic surgeon might recommend the round breast implants.

In the case of implant displacement, there is not much the patient can do. The solution is a surgical one, as there is no other treatment. The breast implants will be removed by the plastic surgeon and then repositioned in a proper manner.

The implant displacement is not usually a complication for which the plastic surgeon is responsible. There are rare cases when it occurs, and it is mostly due to the patient’s lack of understanding of the post-surgical recommendations.

If you know that your hobbies or daily activities require the extensive use of your arms, and in a manner that can be considered rough, make sure you mention this to your doctor during the initial consultation. This is not a contraindication for the breast augmentation surgery with mammary implants, but the plastic surgeon might give you a certain set of recommendations to follow before and after surgery.


Implant displacement can occur during sports when an ample arm movement can cause the implant to change position. This tends to happen during more strenuous physical exercise or a more aggressive sport. It only occurs in rare cases, and the patient shouldn’t worry about the implications of this potential complication. The solution is simple: a corrective surgical procedure will be scheduled to repair the implant displacement. While the implant displacement is more of an aesthetic issue than a medical one, the patient is required to see the doctor as soon as possible after noticing the issue.


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