Why is it important to walk after a brazilian butt lift?

Why is it important to walk after a brazilian butt lift?

17th Sep 2019

If you were wondering if there is any natural method to increase the size of the buttocks and also get a nice lifting effect, you should know that nowadays this is possible with the help of the Brazilian butt lift. The procedure is commonly performed and has seen a considerable rise in demand over the last decade.

Even since we started performing liposuction decades ago, plastic surgeons have tried to develop a method to reuse the fat collected to improve the appearance of other areas of the body. This is exactly what the Brazilian butt lift entails. When the procedure is performed, the plastic surgeon will target areas of the body with an excess of adipose tissue with liposuction. We call these the donor areas, such as the flanks and the abdominal wall. These areas are often addressed with liposuction when the Brazilian butt lift is performed not only because this is where most women would accumulate an excess of fat but also because the body would be better-defined and the buttocks would look even better if these fat deposits were eliminated.

After the liposuction stage of the procedure is completed, the fat is purified and then reinjected into the buttocks. The injections of fat are being performed with the help of special syringes. They are done in different areas of the butt and at different depths to create a beautiful shape and a nice lifting effect. The procedure entails small incisions and a short and usually smooth recovery period. However, to maximize the results and to avoid complications, patients are advised to follow certain post-operative instructions, such as the need to walk after surgery.

An experienced plastic surgeon will make sure to discuss this issue even during the pre-operative consultation and insist for the patient to get out of bed as soon as possible. Intense physical activities are strictly forbidden  for a minimum of four weeks or even more; however, the patient should get off the bed and walk around the room at least every couple of hours. It doesn’t have to be a long walk and the patient can start with five minutes, then ten, then twenty. It is important to increase the walk duration gradually. Walking after the Brazilian butt lift is important because it can help the patient with eliminating the rest of the anesthetic substances from the system and avoiding complications such as blood clot formation.

After the Brazilian butt lift, we want for the fat cells that were grafted into the buttocks to develop a new blood network as soon as possible as this will ensure their survival in the area. For this to happen, the metabolism needs to function at optimal parameters and the blood flow in the body to be the same.

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