Why is it recommended to combine liposuction with the brazilian butt lift?

Why is it recommended to combine liposuction with the brazilian butt lift?

05th Apr 2018

The Brazilian butt lift is a very effective buttock enhancement procedure that not only adds projection and volume to your rear end, but also makes them perky and sculpted. Since the surgery uses your own body fat to enhance your buttocks, the use of liposuction is an important part of the Brazilian butt lift.

The Brazilian butt lift cannot be performed without liposuction because the procedure requires fat to be transferred to the butt. Through liposuction, the surgeon is able to retrieve fat from donor sites of your body like the abdomen, sides, love handles, upper and lower back and the thighs. Liposuction is a plastic surgery method that enhances your body’s aesthetic appearance by taking out surplus fat from localized areas.

For this reason, it is imperative to combine liposuction with the Brazilian butt lift because liposuction is the only way you can get the required fat for transfer to the buttocks. The procedure uses a small cannula attached to a suction machine to remove the fat from your body. The cannula is inserted into the fat donor sites through tiny incisions. The suction machine then aspirates the fat, which is purified and transferred to the buttocks.

By combining these procedures, the outcomes are impressive, natural and sustainable. Furthermore, the Brazilian butt lift is also relatively safer.

Combing liposuction with fat transfer

Liposuction is older than the Brazilian butt lift surgery. Before the advent of the fat grafting procedure for buttock augmentation, liposuction was solely used for body contouring. Women chose the procedure to sculpt their bodies because it got rid of unwanted fat from localized areas. The procedure makes your body appear proportional and curvy.

Consequently, the use of liposuction in the Brazilian butt lift is only a decade old. Liposuction is in fact the first and most important step in the Brazilian butt lift. Depending on where unwanted, surplus fat is stored in your body, liposuction will be used to extract the fat. While the fat is removed for transfer to your derrière, the liposuction contours your body in the process. In other words, you achieve two major goals with the Brazilian butt lift: your overall figure is contoured through liposuction and your butt is enhanced through fat transfer. After the Brazilian butt lift, not only will your buttocks appear aesthetically appealing, but also your overall profile.

The fat removed from the donor areas is made to run through a complex purification system before transferring it to your buttocks. It is worth mentioning that only 25 to 35 percent of the removed fat will qualify for transfer to your bottom. The processing and purification system ensures that you get only safe and healthy fat cells transferred to your derrière. Doing so also helps make your butt appear soft, regular and natural.

The good news is that the fat transferred to your rear end will enhance your waist-to-hip ratio. In other words, you will achieve the most revered hourglass figure. The fat removed from your abdomen, sides, flanks and love handles will make your waist slimmer while the fat transferred to your bum would make your buttocks and hips larger and curvier.

The fat transfer procedure boasts a good safety record because unlike buttock implants, your own body fat is injected into your butt. This helps avoid an immune reaction. Moreover, you will not have to worry about implant ruptures or ripples after the surgery.

What to expect

Before the Brazilian butt lift and liposuction, your plastic surgeon will ask you about your expectations of the procedure. You should make sure to share your ideal aesthetic appearance, and express your expectations outright. You should make sure to get an answer to all your questions about the use of liposuction during the procedure and the fat transfer process. Also, ask the surgeon what difference the liposuction would make, what the added benefits are and how the procedure will be performed.

After the surgery, you will be required to spend a few weeks resting. You will be required to avoid exerting pressure on your buttocks until they have healed. Though the result of the combination of liposuction and Brazilian butt lift will be noticeable within a few days, the complete outcome of the surgery will only be visible after the inflammation has finally subsided. In some patients, it may even take a year for the aesthetic improvements to display fully.

After the surgery, you will notice that your buttocks have become perky, voluminous and aesthetically appealing. The curves and hip-to-waist ratio will further accentuate your overall figure. As a result, these aesthetic improvements will boost your self-confidence and help you succeed in your personal, social and professional life. The procedure will also alleviate any emotional, physical or cognitive pain you might be experiencing as a result of flatter, smaller or badly shaped buttocks.


The Brazilian butt lift has the potential to deliver impressive aesthetic results if performed in conjunction with liposuction. Combined, these procedures not only add projection, shape and volume to your rear end, but also make your waistline slimmer. Big, perky and curvy buttocks combined with a smaller waist will give you an hourglass figure.

Without the liposuction procedure, the Brazilian butt lift cannot be performed because it requires fat to be transferred to the buttocks. This fat is extracted from areas of your body that possess unwanted, surplus fat deposits. This means that you must have extra fat in your body in order to qualify for the Brazilian butt lift. The donor fat is extracted from your body through liposuction.

The most common fat donor sites include the abdomen, sides, flanks, love handles, upper back and thighs. The procedure is safe, and the results are natural because your own body fat is used to enhance your rear end. Keep in mind that in order to get the best results with the combination of liposuction and Brazilian butt lift, make sure to go only to an experienced, Board-Certified plastic surgeon. Overall, the Brazilian butt lift will give you the bigger picture by enhancing your silhouette along with your buttocks.

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