Why is the wonder breast procedure better for me?

Why is the wonder breast procedure better for me?

23rd Sep 2018

In the past, the choice to undergo plastic surgery to improve features of the body was allowed only for the rich or the famous that had access to information and the money to finance their procedures. For regular women, getting bigger breasts was a dream unlikely to come true. But with the developments of modern medicine, plastic surgery has become more and more available and affordable for women all over the world.

But with these developments also came a lot of information available for free online and practitioners offering the same intervention for prices that can differ by one or even two digits. It can be difficult for the patient to understand why a breast augmentation can cost 2,000 dollars and 20,000 dollars when carried out by another. The reality is that different practitioners perform procedures differently and using different materials. In today’s article, we will discuss about breast enhancement procedures and the benefits of the Wonder Breast method.

Different breast interventions

Have a look online at one site, and you are left with the idea that the trans-axillary incision is the best method to use to correct your breasts. Have a look at another, and it will say that the fat transfer to the breasts is completely natural and women should choose it for improving the size and aspect of their breasts. One more page and you will get the impression that breast ptosis can be treated with implants and if you have a severe sagginess of the breasts you should choose bigger implants. And the next page will come to contradict all you have read before.

When this happens on a daily basis, what can you do to ensure you have correct and complete information about the procedure you are interested in? Choose a board-certified, reputable plastic surgeon and go for a pre-operative consultation with him. During this meeting, you should undergo a medical examination, and your health will also be assessed to discover if you are an eligible candidate for breast surgery.

When it comes to breast enhancement procedures, the possibilities are numerous, and it can be difficult for the patient to decide what type of procedure is suitable for him or her. Moreover, it is not recommended to come to the plastic surgeon with a preconceived idea in your head. Measurements are mandatory before a medical indication is given for one procedure or the other. Taking into consideration the patient’s anatomy is also essential when it comes to breast enhancement because most women will desire a natural result. This is why I have developed a unique and innovatory technique that I call the Wonder Breast procedure.

The benefits of the Wonder Breast procedure

What I have discovered in many years of practice is that women want their breasts to look natural and with as little marks as possible left after the surgery. Moreover, sagginess is a condition that affects all women sooner or later in their lives, so getting breasts that look youthful and are elevated on the chest becomes an ideal for many women.

When choosing the Wonder Breast procedure, you know for sure that it is customized to fit your purpose and help you achieve the breasts you have always wanted. All my interventions are tailored for the patient who undergoes them. There are no two procedures alike because there are no two patients with the same characteristics.

When undergoing a Wonder Breast lift, you know that you will get results similar to the ones achieved after a breast lift with implants but without the disadvantages of having implants inserted into your breasts. During a traditional breast lifting procedure, a surgical excision of the skin and fat tissue is performed. Many patients don’t realize that this will translate into a significant reduction in the breast size, especially if the breast ptosis is severe. In performing the Wonder Lift, I use the patient’s own tissues to elevate and give fullness to the breasts. One of the main benefits aside from getting the breasts of your dreams is that your breasts will look completely natural, like no plastic surgeon ever touched them. This is a major advantage, especially if you want to be discreet about undergoing a plastic surgery intervention.

Due to the innovative surgical technique used to elevate the breasts, the ptosis that will reoccur with aging is significantly delayed. This means that you won’t need revision surgery every few years when you get to a certain age like in the case of a traditional breast lift.

But before anything else, the Wonder Breast procedure is about proportions and beauty that comes from harmony. To allow for a beautiful aesthetic result, the breast shouldn’t be too big or too small; they need to be in perfect harmony with the rest of the body. Improving one feature of the body or the other without any consideration for the proportions of the body can lead to a very unsatisfactory result and unaesthetic appearances. We have plenty of celebrities that enhanced one part of the body or the other only to notice that it stands out and not in an appealing way.


There are different types of breast enhancement procedures that can help you achieve your dream of having bigger, more elevated breasts. However, the Wonder Breast Lift is the intervention that uses a unique and innovative technique to provide results comparable to the ones of a breast lift with implants without leaving significant scarring behind or making use of actual implants.

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