Why my chest look like a body builder after breast augmentation

18th Oct 2018

Breast augmentation is an effective and popular procedure. While many patients are happy with the outcomes, there are some patients who wonder whether their breasts will look as they have desired after the procedure. After the surgery, many patients often find it difficult to ascertain what a normal part of the recovery process is and what might be a sign of a complication.
During the first week following the procedure, most patients think their chest looks like that of a body builder’s. There are patients who complain their chest feels tight and their breasts feel like they might rupture.
Generally, the breasts do not appear like what you may have desired immediately after the surgery. The implants need time to settle and adjust to the new environment. This often makes the chest appear like a body builder’s the first week after the procedure.
There are other factors to be considered as well. First off, the breast creates tension on the skin after the surgery. This will continue until the implants have settled. Second, the breast implant will adjust to the new environment in terms of draping the lifted skin and the breast cover. Also, the overlying muscle will also contribute to making the chest appear tight.
Another reason why your chest appears tight the first week following the procedure is your body’s natural reaction to the surgical trauma. After the surgery, your body’s natural healing process would create swelling in your chest. The breast muscle, skin, glandular tissue, and ligaments would be swollen as a result of the trauma. This also makes the chest appear tight.
All of these factors contribute to the immediate and final outcomes of the breasts, such as the size, shape, and regularity. Your breasts will gradually heal over time. Over the next few weeks and months, the swelling will gradually subside and the implants will settle. Your body will accept the implant and the muscle, glandular tissue, and skin will accommodate the implant.
After the first week, you will gradually feel that your breasts are becoming normal and the appearance of a body builder-like chest will slowly disappear. Your chest will appear completely normal and aesthetically appealing and balanced after 2-3 months.

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