Why plastic surgery is expensive?

30th Oct 2018

I have developed the hourglass procedure to help women achieve a curvaceous body. When it comes to the costs, I discuss it upfront with my patients during the pre-operative consultation. Many factors go into determining the cost of hourglass surgery. It includes my fees, the cost of anesthesia, the medications used during the surgery, the sophistication of the procedure, the surgical facility’s fees, and your body size.
It can vary depending on your body size. If you have a large body, the cost can go up by a few hundred or thousand dollars. The cost of the hourglass surgery may seem higher to many patients because the procedure is complex. It takes more time and involves the use of many unique techniques that I have developed explicitly for delivering you the most esteemed hourglass body.
Let me explain the procedure to you in simple words, so you can understand the sophistication of the procedure and why it is expensive.
A board-certified anesthesiologist will administer you the anesthesia, after which I will make small cuts on the fat donor areas. Next, I will insert a hollow tube called a cannula inside the fat donor site through the incisions. I will move the cannula back and forth, which will help release the fat cells from the surrounding areas. The cost of the surgery is also higher due to this step, as I will dedicate more time harvesting enough fat for transfer to the hips.
I will then suction out the fat with a suction pump or syringe and then process it for purification. In the next step, I will carefully graft the fat into your hips with a needle. This step is also complicated and calls for a great sense of artistry and aesthetics. It takes the most time than the other steps involved in the procedure.
The results of the surgery will not be visible immediately. Over the next few weeks, you will see gradual improvement in your hips. After some months, the results will entirely emerge, making your hips wider and waist smaller.

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