Why should you prefer to place breast implants under the breast muscle

Why should you prefer to place breast implants under the breast muscle

04th May 2018

The use of breast implants is quite common nowadays. It involves a surgical procedure to insert the implants into the breasts to make them look fuller and sexier. The breast implants can be positioned either above or under the muscle. Both produce a flattering augmentation but there is still an ongoing debate whether an over the muscle or under the muscle position is best.

Breast augmentation surgery using implants can be greatly customized because different women have different breasts. Each person also heals differently, which is why the surgery results may vary from one woman to another. There are women who are more suitable to have their implants under the muscles and there are those who are better to have them over the muscles. This depends on different instances and factors.

The sub-muscular placement of the implants is preferred by many surgeons because it helps prevent capsular contracture. Capsular contracture is the condition wherein the implants become enclosed in a calcified capsule that also tightens and produces a deformed appearance of the breasts. When this happens, the calcified scar tissue should be removed in order to make sure that the implants do not rupture because of the increasing pressure caused by the capsule.

Another reason why many prefer to have the implants positioned under the muscles is that it results to a more natural augmentation. This is especially true for women who are very thin and do not have much fat or tissue in their breasts to completely cover the implants. When the implants are placed under the muscles, it will be more covered. In addition to this, the folds found on the surface of the implants or the rippling that forms will not be obvious because it is hidden underneath the muscles.

Many people also prefer the sub-muscular procedure because there are more tissues above the implants. This means that they are less covered by the implants during a mammogram. However, it should be noted that both placements of the implants, either under or over the muscles, can be successfully screened by an experienced technician. There are different ways on how to screen women who have implants without negatively affecting the implants or the results.

It should be noted that women who are bodybuilders or weightlifters are not recommended to have their implants under the muscles. This is because the implants can get distorted when the muscles in the chest are flexed. It would be best for them to have it at a sub-glandular position.

Different surgeons can help you assess whether a sub-muscular or a sub-glandular position is best for you. During the consultation, they can ask questions to help them determine which one to choose. It is best to hear them out first before you set your decision into getting the implants either under or above the muscles. The surgeons are there to help you with your choices–from the kind of implants to get to the position of the implants in your breasts.

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