Why you shouldn’t get butt implant surgery while on your period

Why you shouldn’t get butt implant surgery while on your period

24th May 2019


During the pre-operative consultation for butt implant surgery, you will discuss many aspects of your life with the plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon will ask whether you smoke or not, if you have allergies, and whether you take any medication or natural supplements. Moreover, you might find it funny, but when it will come to scheduling your butt implant surgery, the plastic surgeon will ask you to pick a date after your menstrual cycle.

Many patients don’t understand why they shouldn’t get butt implant surgery (or any other type of surgery) while on their periods, but it is actually a pretty common recommendation.

Some surgeons would go as far as to say that only emergency procedures should be performed on patients on their periods and all the others should be rescheduled after the menstrual cycle. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t get butt implant surgery while on your period:


–    More bleeding

The general recommendation is to schedule surgery outside the menstrual cycle as excessive bleeding during the operation can occur if the patient is on her period. During this physiological period, there are even changes in terms of blood coagulation, and there is a higher possibility to be confronted with complications. Excessive bleeding during and after surgery can lead to the patient feeling weak and prolong the recovery period.

–    Increased sensitivity

Some women know that they are more sensitive during their menstrual cycle and even a few days before it comes. It is normal and there is a medical explanation for this. This is also one of the reasons why plastic surgery should be scheduled after the patient has her menstrual cycle. The procedure is associated with a certain level of post-op discomfort related to the fact that sitting on the butt or lying on the back are to be avoided for a few weeks, so we are trying to reduce the level of pain and discomfort and not accentuate it by performing the procedure while the patient is having her period.

–    Higher risk of developing a hematoma

Due to the risk of excessive bleeding during surgery, the patient undergoing butt implant surgery while having her period is also confronted with a higher risk of developing a hematoma. Keep in mind that small hematomas usually disappear without additional treatment, but for larger ones, the plastic surgeon might need to intervene and take the blood out with a syringe.

–    Lower immune system

It is not only plastic surgery that should be avoided during periods, but also dental surgery. The immune system is considered to be less strong than usual, and infections are more likely to occur during this time. If it happens to be on your period or right before them when surgery is scheduled, make sure to mention this to the plastic surgeon. Some surgeons will reschedule your procedure.


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